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Food Drive for Helping Hands Outreach Center

Carolina =  571
Clemson = 101
Congratulations to Ms. Smith's homeroom for collecting the most donations. Thank you to everyone who contributed!
As of Wednesday, October 28 at 11:00am  (Oct. 28 is last day for donations)
Carolina  391
Clemson 101
It's starting to get interesting......deadline to make donations is October 28! Let's see what the 2nd half of this ballgame will reveal!
As of Friday, October 23:
Carolina  225 
Clemson  69
Homeroom leading with donations: Ms. Smith
Since the big rivalry game has been cancelled this year, and Helping Hands Outreach Center in Pageland needs some help.....
We have items worth 1, 2 and 6 points each.
USC Gamecock Fans
1 point Items 2 point Items 6 point Items - Touch Down
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Pinto Beans (can)
Flavored Chicken or Beef 
        instant noodles
Can vegetables
Pancake mix
Pancake syrup
Canned Okra
2 lb bag Sugar
Boxed Cereal
Clemson Fans
1 point Items 2 point Items 6 point Items - Touch Down
Any can fruit
Dry beans (small bag)
Cheese or Peanut butter Crackers
Canned Tomatoes
Canned Collards
Chicken Noodle Soup
2 lb bag Flour
Vegetable Oil
The teacher collecting the most overall items will be permitted to leave at 2:00pm on Friday, October 30, while his/her students go to the CCC Lab to play games. A-day students of the winning teacher will come to the lab on Thursday, October 29. Winning teacher may ONLY leave early on Friday, October 30.
Sponsored by: Hawks Have Heart and NHMS Jr. Beta

NHMS Hawks Have Heart and Jr. Beta Club are sponsoring a food drive for Helping Hands Outreach Center, a food bank located at 205 W Pigg Street, Pageland, beside Pageland First Baptist serving Jefferson, McBee, Pageland, and Mt. Croghan. 


We will have a competition two ways.


Each team (Clemson and Gamecocks) will have certain items that students/staff can bring in. 

  1. The teacher's last block class that collects the most Items (doesn't matter which team)will receive a treat bag with an assortment of goodies.  The teacher will receive on Friday, October 30 a free pass to leave at 2:00. His/her students will report to the CCC Lab to enjoy internet games and a movie. The Friday will be for the winner's B day class. On Thursday, October 29th, the winning teacher will receive a free planning period while the A day students come to the CCC Lab. (The winning Teacher can only leave early on Friday).
  2. The News Team and Jr. Beta students will collect the items from classroom teachers on Thursdays until the last week. That week all items will be collected on Wednesday, October 28th.

Winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28. 


Please encourage students to participate, Helping Hands serves a lot of our students and their families. Help us pay it forward one item at a time.