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 If You Could Bring Back One TV Show, What Would It Be?
Garrett Deese- Editor
     If I could bring back any TV show in the world, the TV show would definitely be Friends. Friends was a TV show that first aired way before I was even born, on September 22,1994. The TV show actually ended right after I was born on May 6, 2004. When I first began watching it I wasn't able to understand it. When I became old enough to understand it I took a huge liking into it. The three reasons I would bring back Friends is because it is hilarious, it can teach you many life lessons, and some of the characters remind me of people that I know very well.
     Friends is the funniest TV show I have watched in my entire life. Although the show includes some profanity every once in a while, it is still hilarious. Chandler is the funniest character on the show, and he sometimes reminds me of myself. Chandler is a very sarcastic person. Sometimes he is so sarcastic, that it gets on peoples nerves. He also is always getting made fun of for his last name. One of his most famous lines was," Could we be more white trash?" This was a hilarious quote considering him and his best friend were sitting in a boat ( their furniture), drinking Yoo-hoos, watching their pet chick and duck.
    There are very many life lessons that Friends teaches you. One of the life lessons that the show teaches you is shown through the character Phoebe. One time she was running in the park like a wild 7 year old. Rachel did not want to run with her. Rachel confronted her about her running problem and said she could not run with her anymore because people were staring at them, making Rachel feels uncomfortable. Phoebe told Rachel that she didn't care how people judged her, she wasn't going to judge other people for the way that they did things. Another major life lesson that Friends teachers you is shown through Rachel. Rachel, all of a sudden, decided to leave her husband at the altar. She had nothin. Her parents didn't encourage her decision, forcing her to have nowhere to live, She went and tried to find her college roommate, Monica, which turned out to be a success. She had no money so she decided to become a waitress. she kept working her way up until she eventually got her dream job in Paris at Louis Vuitton. This tells you that if you work hard and are confident, you can do anything.
   The  last reason that I would bring Friends back is because the characters of the show remind me of people that I'm very close to. Chandler, the funny character, reminds me of myself. He is always very sarcastic and always has something witty to say. Monic reminds me of one of my friend's mom's, Mrs. Beverly. Monica is a big germaphobe, and always has to make everything certain way. The character Phoebe reminds me of my cousin Reagan. She is also very clueless unless the topic is about something she is interested in.
   As you can see, Friends is one of the best TV shows ever. I have no idea why anybody would not want this TV show to be back on screens all over the world. The TV  show ran for 10 years, so clearly everybody, not just me, loved this show. Also, people still say the quotes from the TV show today, which is even another reason that this show should still be on television screens. There aren't any reasons that Friends shouldn't still be on TV, and hopefully it will be put back on soon.
All About Cross Country
Lizzie Outlaw- Reporter, Asst. Editor
Do you think students should use textbooks or tablets? They both have their advantages. I think students should use tables because they would be able to learn materials faster , e-textbooks cost less, and it would lower the amount of paper teachers and students use.
First of all, students are able to learn materials faster on tablets. "Technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by 30-80%." Every year teachers start cramming before final test. If they could teach us faster, cramming wouldn't be necessary. Imagine all of the time we could save by switching to tablets.
Also, E-textbooks on tablets cost on average 50-60% less than print textbooks". Schools are always trying to find ways to save money. School districts spend over $8 billion per year on textbooks. That is a lot of money that could be used in other areas of education.
My last reason is tablets lower that amount of paper teaches and students use. " A school with 100 teaches uses on average 250,000 pieces of paper annually. A school of 1,000 students on average spends between $3,000-4,000 a month on paper."Schools could save a lot of money and paper by converting to tablets. Also, while making the switch, we could save the planet.
However, some people think that students should continue using textbooks because "tablets may be too difficult for less-technology-savvy students to operate". I disagree with this idea though. The world is switching over to technology, so those few kids need to get used to using it. Tablets are getting students prepared for the real world.
In summation, students should use tablets because they would be able to learn materials faster, e-textbooks cost less, and it would lower the amount of paper teaches and students use. Students would learn a ton more and districts would save a ton more by switching to tablets. Tablets are a great way to improve our schools.
By: Blair Kirkley, Reporter
Thanksgiving is upon us. It is that time of year we are reminded to be thankful. What is thankfulness? Thankfulness is feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. I have many reasons to be thankful in my life.
The first thing I have to be thankful for is Jesus. He has been with me through all the times, good and bad. He gave his life just so I can be with him. I know that he will always love me, no matter what I do. He loves my family and every single person on this earth. How could you not be thankful for that?
Second thing I have to be thankful for is my family. I have my mom, dad and brother. These are just the ones who live in my house with me. I also have all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins who love me very much.
Lastly, I am thankful for my friends. For the most part they have always been there for me. The ones who know me the best would be Garrett, Chloe, and Lizzie. They are the ones who make me happy even when I am at school. I know I can trust them to be there for me when I need someone to talk to who is my age.
 I am so thankful for everything in my life. I am so glad I have Jesus, my family, my friends, and much more to be thankful for in life. We just don't know how much we take for granted.
New Heighs welcomes new Digital Literacy Teacher
Written by: Emonyia Baker, Reporter
I had the honor of interviewing Mrs. Nikki Morgan, New Heights new elective teacher. She teaches Career Readiness. I asked her questions about teaching and life outside school.
Mrs. Morgan grew up in the small town of Blair, South Carolina. She has substituted at schools and taught at churches in the past. This is her first year professionally teaching.
She loves the schools structure in the hallways and classrooms. If she could have any job in the world besides teaching, she would be a hair stylist. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing and traveling.

I enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Morgan. I hope she has a wonderful first year a New Heights. 
Chloe McMillan - Reporter\ Production
    FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We have FCA here at NHMS. I think FCA is a great idea!
When is FCA? FCA is after school from 3:45 to 4:30. We have it after school so the people that really want to do it can. There are also some bad things about after school is a lot of people can't go because they don't have a ride.
Who can come? Anyone! It does not matter who you are, in FCA we try to make everyone feel welcome! We would love to see more and more people come.
What do we do? We try to spread the word about Jesus. We would like people that does not know Jesus, to know him and know what he does for us. We also help those who need help.
    This is why I think FCA is a good idea!  I think if we spread God's word then our world and our school would be a safer and happier place. I hope one day this will come happened. Joshua 10:25 says " Joshua said to them, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight!"
Classroom Pets
By: Madison Champagne 
 Are you fluent in another language or did you learn? Don't you think it would be awesome if foreign language classes were offered at a middle school level? I believe it would be great.
If students were taught the basic of some of the foreign languages taught in high school, by the time they got there, they could begin getting into the more advanced lessons. High school teachers would not have to take the time to teach the basics. Like this, they can go right on to teaching more detailed word and phrases. This would also help students decide what language to go with in high school. They would know what they like and what they wish they never took.
Also, it would make school more interesting. Kids would have a little bit of good excitement in their school day. Students are most likely to enjoy learning something brand new. They could make friends who love that language just as much they as they do and say something to get everyone who is not in their class to guess what it was that they said. Wouldn't you, because I know I would.
Now everything has these, drawbacks. The school would have to find teachers and classrooms. The teachers will also need to be paid. What's more, they would also need to cut out one class short or expand the school day, neither of which sounds good. It would also mean students would have more work, supplies, and more to remember.
Although it has it's drawbacks, foreign language classes would be a great addition to any middle school. Students would be better prepared for the future, able to talk to a wider range of people, and have more fun in school.
NHMS Hawk Pride Celebration: The Steps to Attend
By: Madison Miller, Reporter
     Everyone knows about the Hawk Pride incentive program at New Heights Middle School. There is a lot that goes into this program. The staff is not the only one who has to work hard to get ready for this, but the students have to as well. There are some things that the students have to have. For example, students must have good behavior, good grades, and under 9 hawk deductions.
     The first requirement to being able to attend is having good behavior. If you get things like ISS or OSS a lot then you probably won't have a chance of being able to go. If you get OSS, which stands for Out of School Suspension, you are automatically out of the running to go to the celebration. Also there are other things like ISD or Lunch Detention that also counts. If you get one of these punishments a lot then you might want to fix it.
     The second requirement is making good grades. Good grades are very important to have. If you make an A or a B in a class you don't get any Hawk Points taken away. If you make a C in a class you get 1 hawk taken away, a D in a class you get 3 hawks taken, and if you make an F you get them all taken and will not be able to attend the celebration. If you get a C or a D you actually have a chance of still going. If you have bad behavior and bad grades you don't have a chance.
     The  Hawk Pride celebrations are very fun and everyone looks forward to them. The thing is during the nine weeks people don't really think about the requirements to be able to attend. So when they are doing all of these things, they are not thinking about the consequences. So next time think of all these steps and think before you do something.