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NHMS Has A New Parent Educator... Coach Dye
Garrett Deese- Editor
Coach Dye is a brand new parent educator that New Heights welcomed this year. I decided to interview him to find out everything  about him, his past, and his plans for the future.
As I interviewed him, I realized how laid back he was from the start. He was sitting in his chair, laying back, with his hands on his chest. He was a relaxed as can be. I asked him what his job prior to New Heights was, and he said he worked at United Arab Emirates. After further research, I figured out that this was a school. He worked there as an administrator and a basketball coach. Even though he hasn't been working at New Heights for a long time, he told us that his favorite experience since coming to New Heights was impacting he youth in the community that he grew up in. Since Coach Dye is a football coach here at New Heights, I asked him if he had a preferred football team. He told me that everybody should have a preferred football team, and that his were the Carolina Panthers and Alabama Crimson Tide. Then I asked him if he had any hidden talents. He told me that not many people knew that he was a writer. He told me that he had written many publications throughout the world. He also told me that his hometown was Bethune, South Carolina and that he went to Morris Brown College, which is in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, we asked him what mostly encouraged him to take this parent educator job. He said that he adored the idea of working back near his hometown. To close out the interview, I asked him that if he won the lottery, what would he decide to do with his career. He told me that he would no longer have a career. After he finished the school year, he would retire and travel the world for the rest of his life. He made sure that I knew that he would "never have a career again in his days living on Earth."
Interviewing Coach Dye helped me learn a lot about him as a worker, and him as a person. I would love to interview him even more to learn more about his future and his past.
Ms. Asia Ponds
Lizzie Outlaw- Reporter, Asst. Editor
This year New Heights has welcomed several new teachers.  I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Asia Ponds recently.
Ms. Ponds joined the 8th grade team as an ELA teacher, and also will teach English I. 
Ms. Ponds is enjoying teaching here.  She says "the students are focused and have no behavioral issues." She compares New Heights students to other schools that she has taught, "they are wonderful."  She feels our school has high expectations and a family atmosphere.  Ms. Ponds has not always taught eighth grade English, she taught fifth grade for eight years, and seventh for one.  She decided to teach English because she has a Masters in Middle School ELA.  She enjoys teaching middle school students.  Ms. Ponds says, "Go Hawks!" and hopes all the teachers here have New Heights have an amazing year. 
Central High Junior Varsity Volleyball
By: Blair Kirkley, Reporter
This volleyball season I got the privilege to play for Central High School's Junior Varsity Volleyball team. Volleyball is one of my favorite sports. I played for the first time ever last year for New Heights. After spending my summer conditioning at Central High School with some of the team, Coach Parker encouraged me to try out for the Junior Varsity team.
Making the team was a dream come true. Chloe McMillan, also an 8th grader at New Heights, made the team too. Being the youngest players, we were both nervous, but the other girls welcomed us and made us feel at home. That is ones of the best parts of being on a team is the relationships that you build with other players. I look forward to playing with these girls as long as I can.
Another exciting part is that we selected "Spirit Buddies" from the Varsity team. We were responsible for making signs for our "buddy", bringing them snacks, and cheering them on. That is a great feeling to have someone cheering you on, especially a Varsity player.  One thing I noticed at Central is that the JV team cheers on for all of the Varsity players, and the Varsity players cheer on all of the JV players. I did not see that kind of spirit in the other teams that we played.
This year Central's record was 5-11. This means we won 5 games and lost 11 m  games. While not the winning season we were hoping for, we learned so much as a team. Any time you lose a set it is not fun, but it would push us to try harder and make better plays on the next set. At the Junior Varsity level, we only play three sets where Varsity plays five sets. In order to win a match, you must win two of the three sets.
Our team consisted of: Payton Evans, Pantasia Hough, Karly Kirkley, McKenzie Kral, Chloe McMillan, Kaylee Price, Brittlea Rollings, and myself. Our coach was Miss Logan Parker. I would like to thank everyone at Central High School for letting me play at Central this volleyball season. I cannot wait until next season. Go Eagles!
The Outsiders
Written by: Emonyia Baker, Reporter
The Outsiders is a book by S.E. Hinton about a group of boys called Greasers.  Greasers are the lower class and are always getting beat up by the Soc or rich kids.  On March 25, 1983, it was released as a movie.  the Greasers are the Curtis Brothers: Darrel (Darry) Curtis, Sodapop (Soda) Curtis,  Ponyboy (Pony) Curtis, Two-Bit Matthews, Johnny (Johnnycake) Cade, Dallas (Dally) Winston, and Steve Randle.  Today I will tell you what it would be to spend time with three of these characters. 
First, we have Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy is the youngest of the greasers.  He is a dreamer.  If you were to spend time with Pony you would probably watch sunsets and just relax.  You also would probably go to the movies or read Gone with the Wind.  Pony is an overall relaxed character.  He's not like either of his brothers.
Next, we have Johnny Cade.  Johnny is the second youngest in the gang.  He is a shy and nervous kid, ever since he got beat up by the Soc.  Spending time with Johnny would be calm and quiet.  He likes to just sit and talk, so that's probably what you would do, more or less.  Johnny is abused by his parents a lot and that's why his character is more jumpy and nervous.
Last but not least, we have Dallas Winston, Dally is the second or third oldest. He's a trouble maker.  If anyone was to spend time with Dally, you would have an adventure.  More than Likely, you would have fun in an illegal way.  You would sneak into drive-ins and rob stores.  You would also probably go to wild parties and get chased by the police.  Dally has a record with the police, not having his parents in his life affects his behavior, but the gang is always there for him.
If you haven't read the book or watch the movie, The Outsiders, you really should.  I thought that spending time with these characters would be interesting.  Since some of them don't have parent figures, Darry, the oldest of the Greasers is like a dad to the whole gang.  In conclusion, spending the time with these would result in different things, but it could still be fun.
Social Media
Chloe McMillan - Reporter\ Production
Do you have a social media account?  It can be good at times, but sometimes it's not too good.
Social media can be good with buying and selling stuff.  Amazon is a good place to get cool things.  An app called letgo is a good one to use to sell your things.
Another good thing about social media, it can be fun and a good way to keep in touch with people.  Any social media can be fun such as SnapChat, messenger, and Kik.
With the good comes the bad, drama and children, adults too! With young teens, it causes problems, that follow them into schools and classrooms. Even fights have been known to start from Social Media drama, that's never a positive thing. Children, young adults, and yes even adults stay on social media through smartphones and computer screens, which is not healthy for eyes, it can cause problems later down the road.
Basically, we need to put time limits on the amount time we spend on our social media accounts, as well make sure we are being careful while we shop on accounts such as craigslist, eBay, and Amazon. Keep our distance from the drama started on the sites. Remember to have fun!
By: Madison Champagne
As a seventh grader, every day I have to go to lunch,  Everyday I have to wait in a long line to get food that I usually don't want to eat a lot of.  Should students like me have to get a tray full of food every day, even if they don't want it?  I don't think so.
I would say at least one fourth of the school doesn't eat but two or three things off of their plate.  Out of my class alone I usually see trays thrown away that still have a lot  of food on them.  Students who do not bring their lunch, have to get in line and receive a tray.  If the students could just get whatever they wanted off of the serving bar, they would not have to waste everything else.  Take me for example, everyday I have to get a milk, a juice, or both at breakfast and lunch.  Everyday I throw away that milk or juice because I do not drink either one.  I am throwing away two milks and a juice everyday of a 180 day school year.  That is around 420 drinks wasted my me alone in one year.  Just think how many other kids do it too, and try to do the math.
Another reason students shouldn't have to get a plate is because it would save time.  At lunch time we line up at the serving doors and the line usually stretches all the way to the cafeteria entrance. This does not leave some people enough time to eat.  If students who didn't want to eat could just sit down, it would make the line much shorter and give the students who wanted to eat , plenty of time. 
All of the plates, here, at NHM are made out of Styrofoam, which cannot be recycled.  The milk and juice cartoons are made from paper.  If the school did not make us get plates, milk, or juice it could help the school's funds and the environment.  first of all, the school would not have to order as much Styrofoam plates to give to students at lunch/breakfast. This would save a good bit of money that could be used in other ways such as getting new text books, getting the teachers a pay raise, buying more equipment for the teachers to use in their classrooms.  Second of all, we would be helping the environment by not cutting down trees to make paper and we would not be adding as much to the trash dump. 
I believe that the students and staff would be happier if all students did not have to get a tray.  There are so many reasons for us, the students, to not have to get a plate full of food.  Now, I hope you surely agree. 
Note: Chesterfield County schools is participating in Community Eligibility Provision. All Students eat breakfast and lunch free of charge. This program also dictates what has to be on the plate.
Tips for 6th Graders
By: Madison Miller, Reporter
Wow, you are finally in middle school!  Through your first year in middle school you are going to need some guidance.  When it's your first year, there is going to be a lot going on.  Therefore, here are three tips to help you have a successful sixth grade year. 
#1.  Listening to administration and teachers is crucial for success.  It's important to listen to them because they hold the key to your education.  What you teachers are going to teach you will help you with your future career and life choices.  Administrators are there to help you as well.  They will help you with classes, they will be there if you need someone to talk to, and they will also help you solve any problems that you have.
#2.  Be organized!  With all of the classes that you will have, you will have to be very organized.  Being messy will make you very confused with all of your assignments.  Your teachers will probably  want your papers and assignments to be in certain parts of your binder or notebook.  You will be told all of the tabs that you need in class.  The only thing you will need to do is keep up with all of your assignments.
#3.  Be kind to the people around you.  It's important to be kind to others, . You never know, you could be in a class where there aren't any of your fifth grade friends with you.  If that happens you aren't going to make any friends being mean and rude to the people in your class.  Also if someone tells on you and tells someone what you are doing or saying to them, you could get in trouble.  That can also be considered bullying and you could get into some serious trouble.
It can be nerve racking starting middle school.  Just know everything will get better as you go along.  If you could stick with these three tips, you should be fine.  Don't forget there are some more things that can help you get off to a great start.  I hope you have a FANTASTIC year!!