Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) 8th grade only

Parents and Students
All 8th grade students are required to begin an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) before the end of their 8th grade school year. Students must select the career cluster in which they are most interested. The classes in high school will be matched to the chosen career cluster as closely as possible. Students will have an opportunity every year during high school to change their career cluster interest. Changes in a career cluster will not harm the student, as they will only modify future classes during the scheduling process. Our students are fortunate that Central High School offers 13 of the 16 Federal Career Clusters. Please complete the IGP document using the link shown below. All items marked with an * asterisk must be completed. Please submit your responses by May 1, 2020. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Brock at to discuss questions or concerns.
Please complete the Individual Granduation Plan (IGP) form by May 1, 2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Brock at to discuss.
Click on the following link to access the IGP document: 
Career Cluster Information - Central High School offers 13 of the 16 Federal Career Clusters:
If you are unsure of which career cluster to select on the IGP form, please review the list below. We have provided a few examples of jobs that would fall under each category. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Brock at to discuss.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources: Farming; landscaping; growing food/flowers/plants/trees; working with hazardous materials/safety/environmental services; veterinarian; vet assistant; heavy machinery operator
Architecture & Construction: Construction worker; engineer; blueprint design; codes/safety inspector; plumber; electrician; roofing; brick mason; crane operator
Arts, AV Techology & Communications: Visual arts (painting, digital art, interior design, fashion design; magazine cover design); Performing arts (singing, dancing, actor, band director, instrumentalist); journalist; news/sports broadcaster; recording specialist; sound engineer 
Business Management & Administration: Entrepreneur (owning your own business); manager; secretary; receptionist; human resource director
Education & Training: Teacher; principal; superintendent; athletic director; coach; college professor; bookkeeper; receptionist; athletic trainer; school counselor; adult education instructor; career development specialist; 
Finance: Bank manager; bank teller; accountant; financial adviser; business manager
Government & Public Administration: Mayor; town administrator; senator; house of representatives; social services; local/state/national government
Health Science: doctor; nurse; EMT; lab technician; ultrasound technician; medical records specialist; hospital administrator; mental health counselor; patient representative; mortician; phlebotomist; CNA; forensics 
Hospitality & Tourism: Hotel/restaurant manager; hotel/restaurant custodian; waitress/waiter; travel agent; cruise director; theme park manager; theatre manager
Information Technology: computer programmer; video game design; software design; computer repair; fiber optic installation/repair
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security: Police office; lawyer; paralegal; judge; sheriff; SLED; FBI; ATFE; military; prison guard/manager/director; security officer; game warden
Manufacturing: Plant manager; machine operator; assembler; fabricator; metal worker; truck driver; transportation director; forklift operator
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math): Astronomer; scientist; paleontologist; meteorologist; robotic specialist; archaeologist; mechanical engineer; mathematician; auto technology engineer; genetic specialist; biologist; chemist