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Principal's Message




Dear Hawks,


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I am truly honored to serve as principal of New Heights Middle School. This year is not like any other year that we have seen.  So much has changed in our world since the beginning of my first year as principal of New Heights Middle School until now going into my 2nd year.  Leading during this coronavirus pandemic is so far from typical.  It’s literally nothing school systems have ever done before.  This isn’t what any of us signed up for, and yet we are doing it anyway.  One thing that I am proud of is the way that we continue to persevere through new challenges together. 


My vision is for New Heights Middle School to be the Best place for children to learn every day.  Now is the time to create new memories and to strive to reach new goals.  Despite the last school year ending early for New Heights Middle, due to the pandemic, we still accomplished some great things. To continue to do this, your continued help, leadership and support will be needed at our amazing middle school!


My fellow Hawks, I am confident that you will find all of the support you need at NHMS to make your journey through middle school a success and please remember that success begins with YOU. I encourage you to advocate for yourself and others, learn to cope with disappointment by not giving up, and be selfless by remembering we are a team and helping others is helping ourselves.


Let’s make this a year filled with passion, purpose, and positive memories! We are going to have an AWESOME year! Remember, Together We Can…Together We Will.  Go Hawks!!


Your Principal,


Dr. Omoro King



#Together We Can…Together We Will