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Transportation Information (Bus and Car)



Students who are needing to ride home on a bus that is not part of their normal route must bring a written request from their parent. Students should present this note to their homeroom teacher, which will be collected by the attendance clerk. The validation of that note will be verified by the assistant principal or the attendance clerk by a phone call to the parent/guardian. If the assistant principal and the attendance clerk are not available, the receptionist will make the verification call. If it is a valid request, the note will be signed and a documented letter along with the note, will be given to the student to give to the bus driver. There will be a copy of the documented letter sent with the student and a duplicate copy will be filed in the transportation log folder.


Bus Notes must be turned in to the homeroom teacher by the student.




Students whose parent/guardian may call during the school day and notify the school that their child will be a car rider must make the request in an email to the receptionist. Those students will be called to the office at 2:30 p.m. to inform the student of the change in transportation by the receptionist, or if the receptionist is not available the book keeper will call. The email that is sent by the parent will be printed and placed in the folder along with the car note to be filed in the transportation log folder.


Car Notes MUST be emailed to the receptionist.


Receptionist: Mrs. Donna Oliver    Email: [email protected]