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Games at Central High

To All Future Eagles and Their Parents,
As we prepare for another exciting year of Central Eagle Football, we feel that it is important that we once again go over our stadium rules. We greatly appreciate the support that we get from the middle and elementary schools and hope that our families continue to support the Central High Football Program. We have put the following rules and guidelines in place to promote a safe environment for all of our fans to come and enjoy the best high school football in the state.
1. All elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by their parent if attending a high school game.
2. All elementary and middle students must be seated in the stands during the game. No loitering behind the stands or near the concession stand.
3. As all games are governed by The Chesterfield County School District, all school rules are enforced at the games. Any infractions of school rules can lead to disciplinary actions at the home school.
4. Any infractions of school or stadium rules can lead to a student being banned from extra-curricular activities.
5. If a middle or elementary school student comes to a game with anyone other than his/her parent, or if he/she comes without a parent, they can be banned from attending any other extra-curricular activities at the high school.
We hope that all of our future Eagles and their families come out and support this year's team. Our student athletes are working hard to win in the classroom and on the field. Thank you for all of your support. GO EAGLES!!
Mitch Leaird, Athletic Director
Central High School
Dr. Judd Starling, Principal
Central High School