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Athletic Director: Reginald Dye

Principal: Omoro King

Assistant Principal: Jeni Graham







February 25, 2019


Hello All.


Allow me to not just share our success from the 2018-19 basketball season, but to mostly express my sincerest gratitude for all of the effort, and support extended by many of you. It was indeed an awesome, and wondrous time experiencing the additions to the New Heights’ legacy along with the growth potential of this area’s basketball future. Expect big things from our returning hawks and the soon to be eagles.


Our boys team finished with a record of 10-6, which included winning the Chesterfield County School District’s Middle School Basketball Championship, its first in five years. They displayed great chemistry, and played valiantly from beginning to end. Hats off to coaches Billy Blakeney and Jeff Sowell for a tremendous coaching job with our young men. Our young lady’s team however is perhaps the bigger story. Despite the very troubling, and challenging task of only one returning player. Along with only one other player that had ever played organized basketball before. They fought valiantly, weathered the storms, and under the persevering leadership of coaches Shanethia and Keith Hamilton compiled an 8-8 record, after experiencing multiple losing seasons. The outlook of our young ladies is that with the polished girls arriving next season, along with the willingness, and work ethic of our departing players, the future of girls basketball in this area will become one that marks a return to “competitive respectability.”


I am truly grateful to our leader Ms. Miller for allowing us to expand the horizons of the basketball programs. Mr. McGuire for his willingness to assist, and help in making the necessary adjustments. Deputy Coyle for his traveling coverage, and sometimes necessary enforcement.  Mrs. McFarlin, thank you so very much for your insight, and versality. It was well needed a hundred-fold. Ms. Gaines, it is a joy to have you as part of our team. Thank you so very much for being that awesome contribution, but mostly during those times you became that immediate resource. To our Cheerleading Coach, Ms. Baker. Your innovativeness speaks volumes about your ability to balance your time as a teacher, mother, and coach. Thank you for opening new doors of potential to not just our athletic program, but this community at large. I’m certain that it sends rushing winds of joy to the those that have watched you grow and to those that you are raising up. Iron sharpens iron.


Thank you all that have worked the gate, and came through in the clutch when needed. Special thanks to the purple(why Mr. Goldberg left the sunny beaches of Florida to come here STILL baffles me) and blue halls for your help during the county tournament. You rock like Gibraltar! I would be remised if I didn’t send big shouts, to the big guy our Assistant AD Mr. McGriff for his knowhow and representation. He even filled in one game to coach the girls team. Thank you very much Sir.


If I’ve happened to forget anyone, please forgive me. Word has it that I’ve done a lot of that lately. 😊 I am greatly appreciative to all of you that have helped taken our athletic program to New Heights(pun intended). It has come with its share of challenges and even “created obstacles.” However, I’ve always held steadfast to what my mentor has often reminded me. “A wonderful indicator or your success, is the resistance that approaches along the way.”


Upward, and onward is the route of the journey. I am heartfelt appreciative to have you all along for the ride.


Reginald Dye, NHMS Athletic Director

January 2019 - Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team for winning the County Championship! Way to go, Hawks!
Students must have a current completed physical on file with the school, before participating in any athletic practice or try-out event.
Parents: Please make sure your child has turned in all necessary paperwork to Mr. Dye. Per SC High School League Requirements, your child will NOT be allowed to participate if ALL paperwork has not been completed.
Athletic Director: Reginald Dye
Asst. Principal: Jason McGuire
Principal: Nikki Miller
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