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NHMS Dress Code Policy & Cell Phone/Electronics Policy


Please ensure your students are following our dress code policy. Thank you!

Pants, shorts, or skirts should be navy blue or khaki. Pant legs should not be twisted or rolled up. Shorts and skirts should be fingertip length.

Shirts should be light-blue (Carolina Blue), white, red, or navy blue; polo style or button-down with no logos and should be tucked in; sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies should be school colors, no logos except for New Heights Middle School. Hoods should NOT be worn in the building. Sweaters should NOT have zippers.

Belts should be brown, black, navy, or khaki-colored with no studs, spikes, no detachable buckles.
Jackets/coats of all colors may be worn; however, they must be placed in the locker after breakfast.

Clothing should not be excessively tight nor excessively loose fitting. No open midriff tops (top should cover from the top of the chest to the bottom of the waist; top should cover the top of the pants)

Shoes must match in color and style; No open-toed; No crocs.
Jewelry should not be spiked, gaudy or dangling.
Students may wear Spirit shirts and Central paraphernalia ONLY on days designated by Principal.

Students may wear a small sling bag during the day. (The Sling Bag should fit inside the basket underneath the desk.)
Students may have standard-sized bookbags in class. Measurements of a standard-size book bag are 22" x 14" x 9".  Students are NOT allowed to bring rolling bags, oversized bags, luggage bags, duffle bags, etc. Athletes are allowed to store their athletic bags in a different location during the school day, and they are allowed to pick up their athletic bags following afternoon dismissal. Band members who play large instruments are allowed to leave their instrument in the Band room, and they are allowed to pick up the instrument following afternoon dismissal, if needed. 
Consequences for Dress Code Violations

1. First Offense—Verbal/written warning

2. Second/Third Offense—Parent contact, discipline referral, and spend the remainder of the day in ISS

3. Fourth Offense—1 day of OSS
Cell Phone / Use of Electronics Policy
Cell phones must be turned OFF and out of sight.
Students are NOT allowed to use a paging device, cell phone, or any other type of communication device without permission of school staff during the school day.
Consequences for Cell Phone/Electronics Violations 
1. First Offense - Verbal/written warning
2. Second, Third, Fourth Offense: 1 day ISS
3. Fifth Offense or More - 1 day OSS
Cell phone/electronic device will be collected from the student on every offense, and will be returned to the student at the end of the school day.