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8th Grade Parents and Students
All 8th grade students are required to begin an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) before the end of their 8th grade school year. Students must select the career cluster in which they are most interested. The classes in high school will be matched to the chosen career cluster as closely as possible. Students will have an opportunity every year during high school to change their career cluster interest. Changes in a career cluster will not harm the student, as they will only modify future classes during the scheduling process. Our students are fortunate that Central High School offers 13 of the 16 Federal Career Clusters.
On this website, please go to the link under "Parents" or "Students" to complete the IGP document. This information will be used during IGP meetings with parents and students.  Please email Mrs. Brock at [email protected] with questions or concerns.
Attention 8th grade Parents:
The deadline to register your student to take the PSAT is Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Please click on the link below to download and print a copy of the Parent Permission Form.  The completed form should be turned in with the fee of $18 to our Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Kristy McCright by September 8.  
Parents, please call Mrs. McCright to let her know you are sending the completed permission form and $18 to register your child.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. McCright at [email protected] or via phone at 843-658-6830 ext. 103.
PSAT administration date is October 13.

A career cluster is a group of occupations that relate to an industry or profession. South Carolina has adopted sixteen (16) career clusters. The Education and Economic Development Act of 2005 (EEDA) requires all high schools in South Carolina to offer courses in at least three (3) career clusters. Chesterfield County offers courses in Thirteen of the Sixteen clusters. 

A career major is an area of study within a larger occupational field or career cluster. EEDA requires all students in South Carolina to complete an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) in the eighth grade and declare a major of study in the tenth grade. You may complete more than one major in high school.

South Carolina's 16 Career Clusters
(highlighted clusters offered through Chesterfield County Career & Technology programs)
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, AV Technology & Communications
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Education and Training
  • Finance
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

November is National Career Development Month


National Career Development Day is November 17.


Nov. 15-19: National Career Development Week




National Career Development Month

New Heights Middle School

November 2021


Hawks News Team Morning Announcements



November 1, 2021


In middle school, we learn about career clusters. A career cluster is a group of occupations that relate to an industry or profession.  Career exploration helps you identify which career cluster is right for you.  November is National Career Development Month. 


November 2, 2021


Exploring careers can be fun. Look for: What types of skills are needed for the job? How much education and special training are needed? What is the annual salary?  In the Health Science Cluster, an Emergency Medical Technician can earn $29,000 per year; a Dental Hygienist $47,000 per year; and a Surgeon $208,000 per year.


November 3, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Read the newspaper. Make a list of 5 or more different careers, without using the classified job ad section.  In the Education & Training Cluster, a Childcare Worker can earn $19,000 per year, a Library Technician $23,500 and an Education Administrator $72,000 per year.


November 4, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:  When you go to town, see how many different occupations you can identify.  The more you learn about different careers, the easier it will be for you to decide which career path is right for you. In the Government & Public Administration Cluster, a Court Clerk can earn an average of $29,000 per year, a Building Inspector $44,000 and a Federal Law Enforcement Agent $46,000.


November 5, 2021  


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:  Spend time talking to your relatives about their careers.  Create your own Family Career Tree. In the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Cluster, a Sign Painter can earn $24,000 per year; a Graphic Designer $38,000; and a Radio Newscaster $45,000 per year.


November 8, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: People who work in law enforcement place their lives on the line every day to help keep our communities safe.  In the Law, Public Safety & Security Cluster a Security Guard can earn  $24,000 per year, a Private Detective $33,000, a Police Officer $48,000, a Forensic Scientist $52,000, and a Lawyer $99,000 per year. In large cities, a Firefighter can earn $34,000 or more. In our local communities, our firefighters are volunteers.


November 9, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Read the comics in the newspaper or read a comic book.  How many occupations can you identify in the comics? In the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Cluster, a Sound Engineer can earn $42,000 per year, a Laser Technician $44,000, and a Chemist $63,000 per year. 



November 10, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Talk to your parent, grandparent or neighbor about his or her occupation.  What types of skills are needed to do their job well? Honesty is the character trait for November. Employers in South Carolina believe that Honesty is the #1 skill needed on the job. You can practice honesty by always telling the truth, being fair and being someone your teachers and fellow classmates can trust. In the Finance Cluster, a Bank Teller can earn  $23,000 per year; an Insurance Sales Agent $45,000; and a Financial Manager $78,000 per year. 


November 11, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:  Have you considered a Military Career? The military offers jobs in all of the 16 Federal Career Clusters. Some examples of military jobs are: Food Service Specialist; Civil Engineer; Medical Records Technician; Teacher or Trainer; Translator; Military Police; Doctor; Computer Specialist; Chaplain; Welder;  Pilot.  Today is the national observance day for honoring Veterans. If you know someone who has served in the military, please remember to tell them “Thank You” for their dedication and commitment to serving our country.


November 12, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Watch cartoons.  What careers are shown? What jobs are involved in creating a cartoon show?  Finding an occupation that fits your interests and skills can be very rewarding.  When exploring careers, make sure you check out all of your options. In the Architecture & Construction Cluster, a Brick mason can earn $34,000 per year; a Surveyor $43,000; and an Electrical Engineer $74,000 per year.


November 15, 2021  


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: The 2nd most important skill needed on the job is Teamwork.  Are you a team player? Do you work well with others?  You can learn how to be a team player by listening in class and participating in group activities assigned by your teachers. Central High School offers classes in the Hospitality & Tourism Cluster. In this career pathway, a Waiter or Waitress can earn $16,000 per year, a Travel Agent $30,000 and a Hotel Manager $43,000 per year. 


November 16, 2021  


Tip of the Day - Learning About Careers: Listen to the radio.  How many different jobs can you name that are involved in radio broadcasting? Employers listed the 3rd most important skill needed on the job as communication. You can learn how to communicate well with others by listening in class, completing writing assignments, and participating in activities that involve speaking to the class. In the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Cluster, a Small Engine Mechanic can earn $32,000 per year, a Production Coordinator $37,000, a Pilot $62,000, and an Air Traffic Controller $75,000 per year.


November 17, 2021  


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Today is National Career Development Day! Having good listening skills and being cooperative are very important with any job.  Employers want people who will listen carefully and complete tasks on time.  These are skills you can learn in school, by listening to your teachers, principal, other school staff and completing your class work and homework.   In the Human Services Cluster, a Cosmetologist can earn $24,000, a Barber $30,000 and a Funeral Director $44,000 per year.


November 18, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:   Many of our day-to-day needs (food, water, gas/heat) are met by people who work in the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster.  An Animal Caretaker can earn $21,000 per year, a Forestry Worker $25,000, a Farm Manager $48,000, an Agricultural Engineer $62,000 and a Veterinarian $82,000 per year.


November 19, 2021  


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers: Do you think you would like to play video games for a living? Or, maybe you would like to design a new video game. Because of the advances in technology, the interest in the Information Technology Cluster is increasing. The technology skills you learn in middle school can help you become successful in high school and on the job.  In the Information Technology Cluster a Software Designer can earn  $66,000 per year, a Website Designer $49,000, a Computer Programmer $56,000 and a Computer Engineer $65,000 per year.


November 22, 2021  


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:  Individuals in the Marketing Sales & Service Cluster are needed in a variety of industries. In this cluster, a Cashier can earn $17,000 per year, a Florist $27,000, an Advertising Agent $39,000, and a Fashion Coordinator $72,000 per year.


November 23, 2021


Tip of the Day – Learning About Careers:  Have you heard about non-traditional careers?  Examples of non-traditional careers are Male Nurse, Female Forklift Operator, Female Mechanic or Male Administrative Assistant.  Employers sometimes offer a higher salary or sign-on bonuses for individuals willing to work in non-traditional careers.  In the Manufacturing Cluster, a Forklift Operator can earn $30,000 per year, an Aircraft Mechanic $42,000, a Soil Scientist $49,000, and a Chemical Engineer $79,000 per year.


November 24, 25, 26 – Thanksgiving / Fall Break


November 29, 2021


When you watch a movie, read through the credits at the end of the movie.  What jobs are listed?   In the Business Management & Administration Cluster, a Bookkeeper can earn $30,000 per year; a Court Reporter $37,000, a Motion Picture Director $58,000, and a Top Executive $104,000 per year.


November 30, 2021


During November, you learned about the 16 Career Clusters and basic job skills needed for success in the competitive workforce. You will have opportunities throughout the rest of the school year to explore many careers.  Keep an open mind and a willingness to learn.  Take every opportunity to learn as much as you can about the different careers available, so you can find the one that is just right for you.