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Career Resources

SCOIS  (South Carolina Occupational Information System)
Students take career assessments to help determine their interests, preferences and values. They develop an electronic personal portfolio, using SCOIS, a statewide system. The portfolio will be used through middle and high school. The portfolio includes an electronic resume, access to financial aid and college information, access to military opportunities and career videos for hundreds of occupations listed in the 16 federal career clusters.

Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

As required by law, all 8th grade students will develop an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) to designate their Career Cluster Pathway of choice, with the help of their parents, guidance counselor and career specialist. Assessments taken through SCOIS will be connected to the student's IGP.  In high school, students will complete courses to help them achieve academic goals and learn skills needed in their chosen career field. Students may complete coursework in high school to receive various types of work place certifications. As a result of the IGP planning process, students are better prepared for entry into the competitive workforce and postsecondary education.