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8th Grade Team: 
8th Grade Team:
Madison Champagne, Editor
Madison Miller, Co-Editor
Lydia Smith - Reporter
Abby Lear, Reporter
7th Grade Team:
Davis Tucker, Reporter
Harrison Outlaw, Reporter
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
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Bullying at the Heights
Madison Champagne- Editor

                What is a bully? A bully is defined as someone who uses greater strength or influence to intimidate someone, usually to make the victim do what the bully wants or just to get the pleasure of feeling above the others. Bullying is a major problem, and it has been around for years. I wanted to see about how bad bullying was in our school, so I did a random survey of two-hundred twenty-eight (228) people. These were our results.

                There was one fifty (150) students claim they had never been bullied and they have never bullied anyone themselves. I cannot claim that these results are completely accurate because anyone of those could have been lying but having 150 telling the truth in this category is very good. That is just over half of all the students I surveyed.

                Out of the 228, only forty-six (46) admitted to being bullied during their times at New Heights. This number is not very high, but we still wish that there would be none. Another thing with bullying is, sometimes, schools don’t even know that a student is getting bullied. Even in our own school it is happening. There was a student who had it happen to them during the survey. They stated “Yes, and the school has done nothing. Three (3) years of it. I did nothing during the first two (2) years of it then I finally stood up for myself.” Bullying can hurt people very deeply and it was sad to hear some of the stories that people put on their surveys. One student wrote “As a victim of bullying, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel what I felt.”

Thirty-two (32) out of the entire survey admitted to bullying another student. As was previously stated bullying can hurt, and it can hurt everyone. Not only is the victim hurt, but in some cases the bully is hurt too. A good few of the bullies wrote that they wished that they could apologize because they felt bad and it helped them feel better after what they did. Some of the motives of bullying are jealousy, like when someone has something another person doesn’t. For example, one girl might bully a boy by calling him a nerd, geek, or book-worm, and all because she is jealous of his brains. Another motive is to increase their social status. One boy might bully a girl and call her ugly, stupid, and other mean names, and all because his friends don’t like her.

Bullying is a big problem. It is a problem that has existed almost forever, and it might last forever. Maybe one day bullying won’t exist. All I know is that our school has bullying problems, and they might take awhile to fix. Meanwhile, there isn’t much we can do, but you can help those who are bullied. If you know someone who is being bullied or you are being bullied, here is some ways to help. First, tell an adult, at home or at school, anyone might be able to help. Once you have done that, if you are a victim, try talking to your friends. If you have a friend who is being bullied, try giving them words of encouragement and hope. If you are having too much trouble and don’t know ways to deal with it, try talking to Mrs. McCright. Bullying is not right, so help out, put an end to bullying.



Preparing for a Hurricane
Madison Miller - Assistant Editor
     As we all know, it is currently hurricane season. So far, we have had three hurricanes. It is very important that we are prepared at all times for these hurricanes, so here are three tips to get ready for a hurricane. The tips are, have food and water, charge all devices, and have a evacuation plan.
     The first tip is to have food and water. You will always need food and water. The food needs to be either packaged or canned because you never know when you power will go out. When your power goes out, you will not be able to cook anything. you will need plenty of bottled water. The water in your city or town could become contaminated during the storm or when your power goes out, your water might not work.
     The second tip is to have all of your devices charged. if you have a phone and something happens, you can call someone to help. Also if you have data and you get bored you can do things and play games. Also, you can buy movies and tv shows to watch during the storm when your wfi goes out. So make sure your devices are charged unless you have a portable charger. 
     The third and last tip is to have an evacuation plan. You will never know how bad it will be in the area you live in. The mayor of your town can ask you to evacuate at any time. So you always will need to be prepared. Or either you can chose to evacuate yourself. 
     I hope this will help you throught the rest of hurricane season. Hopefully these tips can help you in somekind of way. Have a safe rest of hurricane season. 
Written by: Abby Lear, 8th Grade Reporter
Staying Safe for Halloween

            October can be one of the best months of the year, but it can also be the dangerous. When October 1 comes around, family and friends are probably already making plans. For example, they may start finding places to go on the weekends like pumpkin patches or maybe even haunted houses.

Each of those places has precautions that you should follow, like, “no running near the pumpkins” if you go to a pumpkin patch, or “don’t touch the props” at a haunted house. But some activities during October do not have the proper precautions that it could. The main activity I am referring to is Halloween, the biggest night of October that has been around for centuries.

Bert Sterling, a research expert, did a study that showed kids have a greater chance of being fatally injured (most likely by car) than any other day of the year, including major holidays such as the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day. The research showed that more than four million records in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) from 1990-2010 showed that children up to 18 years of age get injured the most.

            Data shows that some of these injuries occur from 6 to 7 pm, but over 60% of them occur in the four hour period of 5 to 9 pm. So the question is how parents and others make most kid’s favorite time of the year safer?

Main precautions include: Being careful with objects that involve flame or fire, avoid trick-or-treating alone and walk in groups or with a trusted adult. Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you, hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and others see you, always walk instead of running, and so on.

Taking these precautions can help Halloween and other great activities during the month of October become a more safe and happy experience.

 The Girls of Fall
By: Lydia Smith, 8th Grade Reporter
     In this article you will read about why volleyball is fun and such an amazing sport to play, you will also read on how the volleyball team has done this year, and why this sport is exciting to watch.  So let's bump, set, and spike on into this volleyball article.
     First things first, why is volleyball such a great sport?  One reason is the fun you have with your friends.  The team becomes an extended family and really who doesn't love a huge family?  Last, just playing is so much fun. You should really consider trying out next year!
     It is my opinion that our 2018 Lady Hawks are doing great!  We are playing very well considering many team members have never played before.  The Lady Hawks have not brought a home a win yet, we have only just begun.  Each game adds more experience under our belts, I foresee wins on the way! Go Lady Hawks!!
     We welcomed you and love our fans.  Fans are very important to our team players. Coming to a game helps show school spirit and shows your support for the Lady Hawks. More Fans mean LOUD support, and that boost the moral and adrenaline of the girls who may play better for the fans.
     We hope to see you at the next Volleyball game!! Please see our schedule on our school's website for our upcoming games. 
Hurricane Season 2018
Harrison Outlaw, 7th Grade Reporter
     The 2018 hurricane season has had two major hurricanes, Florence and Michael. Both made landfall and hit South Carolina, also they caused major devastation in many states. They had different paths but both had high devastation.
     Hurricane Florence came in through the North and South Carolina border. But Michael came in on the pan handle of Florida and came through Georgia. Hurricane Michael hit many more states.
     The damage was devastating, Florence caused 19 to 28.5 billion dollars of damage. Michael caused 5 billion dollars in damage said Market Watch. Many peoples homes and jobs got damaged or destroyed.
     Michael made landfall as a category 4 hurricane but it went fast. Florence hit land as a category 1 but went slow. Both had many inches of rain.
     The 2018 hurricane season has been devastating and hurt many people. Both Florence and Michael will be in the records. Thousands of people were hurt and many states are still in need.
 Remembering John McCain
By: Davis Tucker, 7th Grade Reporter 
     John Sydney McCain lll was born on August 29, 1936 in Coco Solo, Panama to Roberta and John McCain Jr.  John lll had family that went to the Naval Academy and when it was time for John to go to college, he chose the Naval Academy as well.  After graduating, he became a pilot and flew in the A-1 Skyraider Squadron for the Navy in the Vietnam War.  In 1967 on a mission over Vietnam, his A-4E Skyhawk was shot down and he was captured by the Vietnamese.  In mid-1968, the captors decided to give McCain an early release, because his father was an admiral in the Navy.  John refused early release, so he had to wait five more years until he was set free.  After John was released, he went home and married his wife Cindy and in 1984, they had their first child, Meghan who was followed by John IV, James and Bridget who were adopted. 
     in 1987, McCain ran for the U.S Senate from the state of Arizona and won the election.  John wasn't afraid to speak his mind while serving in the Senate. He became known as the Maverick and angered many other politicians fighting for what he thought was right.  Because of this, McCain was elected to 5 more terms in the Senate.  In 2000, McCain joined the presidential race to continue fighting for what he believed.  He lost in the primary to represent the Republican party to George W. Bush but eight eight years later he won the Republican primary and ran against Barack Obama for President of the U.S.  After losing the presidential race, John McCain returned to his position in the Senate and continued to speak his mind.  A few years later, after experiencing pain over his left eyes, McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Even with cancer, John continued to fight until his last days.  After many years of battling cancer, doctors stopped treatment on McCain and he died on August 25, 2018, at age 81.
    John McCain made a mark on this country.  A mark that will not be erased or forgotten.  America will not forget the Maverick who spoke for what he believed, put his country first, and never stop fighting.  John McCain may be gone from this world, but his legacy lives on.
Why Autumn is my Favorite Season
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
      Fall is my favorite season. Fall is a time of the year when all  the leaves on the trees fall away and turn into beautiful pieces of art and it brings comfort into many homes.
     The first reason I love autumn is the trees change color. The trees' leaves turn to beautiful shades of golden yellow, red, and orange. The colors provide scenic surroundings perfect for pictures and times outdoors. When the leaves fall off their trees, I enjoy raking up the leaves in one big pile and jumping into them.
     The second reason is that the weather is just right. It is the perfect weather to wear sweaters, boots, and coats. It is the perfect mixture of the warmth of summer and the coolness of winter. It is when people start having bonfires and making hot chocolate.
     The last reason I love fall is that many family holidays are during fall time. Halloween is the time of the year when many people dress up in costumes and go from house to house and get candy. Another holiday that occurs during fall is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is time to spend with your family and eat a meal together. Thanksgiving is celebrated to remember to be thankful for everything you have.
     In conclusion, autumn is my favorite season because of the time you spend making memories with your family. It is also very beautiful and colorful if you enjoy being outdoors. It is all about memories and being with your family.