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8th Grade Team:
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Garrett Deese, Production/ Editor
Chloe McMillan, Production/Reporter 
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Hailey Savage, Reporter
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Harrison Outlaw, Reporter
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Who Will Win The World Series This Year?
Garrett Deese- Editor
     The MLB season is now underway and I myself could not be any more excited. Many people are already choosing their World Series favorites and I am one of those people. I think the Yankees are going to win the World Series this year because they have a good team chemistry, they have the best lineup in the league, and their rotation and bullpen is top-tier as well.
     One major reason that the Yankees will win the World Series this year is because they are having excellent team chemistry so far in the season. Everybody is clicking on all cylinders with each other this year, and I think that is a priority if you are going to win a World Series.
     Another reason that I think the Yankees will win the World Series this year is because they have the best lineup in the league. Last season the Yankees led the league with homeruns. This year, they added Giancarlo Stanton, who led the MLB with 59 homers. They also have one of the best hitting shortstops in the league and the best hitting catcher in the league in my opinion. That, to me, sounds like the best lineup in the MLB!
     The last reason why I think the Yankees will win the World Series this year is because they have a great rotation and a good bullpen. The Yankees ace this year will be Luis Severino, who got 3rd in the AL Cy Young voting last year, which is the most prestigious honor to get as a pitcher in the MLB. They also got back all of their other starters. One I am extremely excited about is CC Sabathia, who had an amazing 14-5 record last year. The bullpen for the Yanks is a little shaky, but it is better than many others in the MLB.
     If you put all of the capabilities together, you definitely have a contender for a World Series champion kind of team. There aren't very many reasons why this team shouldn't win it all this year! Who do you think will win the World Series?
Lizzie Outlaw- Reporter, Asst. Editor
One of my favorite places to go in the summer is Carowinds.  Carowinds is full of so much fun stuff.  There are the rides, the water park, and the food.
First if the reason everyone goes to Carowinds, the roller coasters and all the rides.  They are all so much fun!  A few of my favorites are The Intimidator, Fury 325, Afterburn, Rocochet, and Drop Tower.  They all give such a thrill.
Another reason I love to go to Carowinds is for the water park.  It is perfect when it is so hot in the summer.  My favorite waterslide is Blackbeard's Revenge, as you step into this tube, the door closes, then there is a count down and shortly after the floor drops out from under you. the Waterpark is really fun.
Also at Carowinds there is such good food.  There are funnel cakes, popcorn, dippin dots, and so much more.  There there is nothing better than riding something and then getting something good to eat. The food is another highlight to your Carowinds trip.
Carowinds is such an amazing place.  Between all the rides and food everyone can have fun at Carowinds.  It is truly one of the best amusement parks in the world! 
The King of Pop
Written by: Emonyia Baker, Reporter
     Michael Joseph Jackson aka the King of Pop is a well-known icon. He topped the charts with the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist with his best-selling album "Thriller" in 1982. But why is he known as the King of Pop?
     Born on August 29,1958, Jackson was the lead singer of the popular family group, the Jackson 5. At 13, Jackson kicked off his solo career with the song "Got to Be There." While doing this, he was still working with the Jackson 5. "Got to Be There" soon made the charts with an album of the same name in 1971. A song named "Ben" was Jackson's first No.1 song. In 1979, he amazed the music world with a bend of pop and funk with the songs "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." Along with the hits "Rock with You" and "She's Out of my Life." The famous "Thriller" was released in 1982 as his sixth solo album. This best-selling album produced seven Top Ten hits. For 80 weeks, the album stayed in the charts, holding No. 1 for 37. This got him 12 Grammy nominations and eight wins. He earned a Grammy for "Billie Jean" (best rhythm and blues song). He was honored for singles "Thriller" and "Beat It." His next album "Bad", released in 1987, followed up "Thriller." This album also reached the top of the charts as well. Producing five No. 1 records including, "Man in the Mirror", "The Way You Make Me Feel", and "Bad." On a 1983 TV special honoring Motown, Michael performed his No. 1 single "Billie Jean." While performing, he showed off his new and soon-to-be-famous dance move, the moon walk. Jackson created the dance on his own and choreographed the dance for the video "Beat It."
Social Media
By: Blair Kirkley, Reporter
     In the 21st century the technology is better than ever. Many teenagers now days are using social media more than ever. A few examples that teenagers use is: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more. People that are active on social media think it can be a good thing while on the other hand it can go bad, plus many people dislike it.
     While many kids love social media it is becoming dangerous. Many kids are getting bullied over social media. This is making kids feel lessened and make them want to change themselves for others. Also social media is making teenagers fall in to peer pressure. Social media is getting worse and worse, day by day.
     On the other hand social media could be a great thing. It allows people to express themselves. Many people now days are sharing their platform through social media. Social media also allows you to be able to keep up with old friends as well as what is happening in the world.
     Personally I like social media. It gives me stuff to do in my free time. On the other hand my parents hate it. They say that it keeps teenagers on their phones to much. I feel like social media is good as long as you are not on it all the time. You still need to go outside and have fun with out your phone. I feel like media is good for you as long as you don't worry about how many likes you get, how many views you get, or how many retweets you get.
     I feel like social media is good, depending on how you use it. Social media can be dangerous too so be careful. As teenagers we like it a lot, but I can see where parents are coming from now days. 
SnapChat Vs Instagram
Chloe McMillan - Reporter\ Production
Both of these apps are helpful and fun in their own way!  I like SnapChat better than Instagram. Which do you prefer?
What is SnapChat?  SnapChat is a social media app that you can socialize with friends and/or family.  You can post things on your story, the story will last twenty-four hours.  You can also view stories submitted by other people. you can take pictures and send it to others. SnapChat also allows you to direct message.
What is Instagram?  Instagram is also a social media app.  Instagram is mainly like Facebook but for younger users. what you post like Facebook remains on your page unless you delete it.  Direct message is also an option.  Users follow other users, users post live video, pictures and use #(hashtags).
Let's can direct message on both apps.  Instagram pictures, videos and hashtags remain forever until you delete them. SnapChat gives you 24 hours for others to see your pictures and videos. 
So which do you prefer? 
A Garden or not?
By: Madison Champagne 
Have you ever eaten any type of fruit or vegetable?  You most likely have, and I hope you know where those things come from.  If you don't, it is called a farm or, in smaller cases, a garden.  Now as you know New Heights does not have a garden, but if you ask me, I believe a school garden would be a great idea.  Plus, I don't just mean New Heights, this goes for all schools and grade levels.
Having a garden gets students to build character and become better people.  Having a garden as a child will teach children to love and respect nature as an adult.  People would take more care of the environment, they would care more about nature, and they would be more concerned about the wilder world around them.  it would also teach responsibility, having to remember to water and weed the garden would teach life skills like remembering to do homework all the way up to doing work for a business or taking care of a child. It also might be the only chance to get dirty and do some gardening for some children who might not get a chance to do things like that due to living space or family reasons.  That also leads to my next point, living a healthy life style.
We all love our Playstations and X-Boxes, but do we love them too much?  Some children don't get the physical activity they need which could lead to eventually being overweight and other diseases throughout their lifetime.  Having a school gardens could help with some of these issues.  Student would be getting exercise and having fun the whole time.  Having to go get the tools and digging and weeding are just part of gardening, but in doing so the children are moving and getting that well needed exercise.  Plus, who here like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, or other fast food restaurants? That would be most people who also like junk food, both of which are not the best in the world for your body.  Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand are just what your body wants.  Both of which provide essential vitamins and are linked to helping prevent heart disease and maybe even cancer!  Even the students not participating in the garden could benefit, extra food could be given in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating school wide.
Finally, doing so could help children in academics. A garden could help science teachers the most.  They could show children how an ecosystem works, the parts of plants, and it would be a good place to set up weather instruments such as a wind sock, a barometer, or a thermometer.  Math teachers could have their students count flowers on a plant or measure and chart plant growth.  Also, any teacher could take a few kids, or just one student out to do work or relax in a comforting place, and who says only gardens are for students? teachers and staff could plant their own secret gardens to relax in and get away from the kids.  This time with nature and the fresh air could lift teachers' spirits and allow to better teach their lessons. Also, there could be flower gardens just to make the school look nicer and allow the students to feel comforted and relax a bit, especially when state testing comes around.
Now you might not think this is a very good idea, but it really is.  Having gardens would help everyone wither academically or emotionally and provide healthier things for students other than the food pyramid in the cafeteria.  This could provide things for a child nothing else can, and who wouldn't' want to help a child reach a height higher than they have reached before.
What to do on Spring Break!
By: Madison Miller, Reporter
     Well we have finally made it to Spring Break. I know we are probably all happy and excited to be out of school. Although some people might be bored and have no idea what to do. Here are 3 things you can do. You can plan a trip, have a day to hangout with your friends, and you can spend time with your family.
     The first thing you can do is plan a trip. Most people get really bored and want to get out of their town or their city, so if you want to go some place during spring break ask your parents if they will plan a trip. You can get tired of just being in the same town or in the same city all of the time. It's nice to get out sometimes.
     The second thing you can do is have a day or more to hangout with your friends. If you do stay home for your spring break you might get bored of just being alone. You can also just get tired of being around your siblings constantly. You could also just be missing your friend and want to be around them. There is a point where everyone get a little bet alone on spring break.
     Lastly you can spend time with your family. During the school year it is a little bit hard to be around your family a lot. If you do sports it is absolutely hard for you to spend time with your family. You always need to have some time with your family. Even if it is not a long time.
     I know that there is a lot more that you can do. We will all get bored at one point. Also you might think ahead and want to go somewhere or make plans to do something fun. I hope you take some of my advice and have a happy and fun filled spring break!
The Truth About The Paranormal
Written by 6th Grader Kyra Dunlap
Almost 75% of people hold some sort of paranormal belief including some extremely bright individuals.  So what makes the super natural so appealing? Cold spots, creaking sounds, and spooky figures; whether or not the paranormal realm exists is an issue that has been debated for centuries.  But in a world filled with science and reason, these" hauntings" can often be boiled down to simple explanations, and it has nothing to do with the supernatural.
Waking Dream and insomnia; have you ever got that feeling when you're awake, but you're having a terrifying dream and your body is frozen? this is called "waking dream," a hypnagogic state when your mind is alert, but your body is still asleep, can be associated with sleep paralysis.
Joe Nickell, a senior researcher for the committee for Skeptical Inquiry, believes all ghosts are "all in the mind".  He says, "In the waking dream state, people wake up and see a number of things: aliens, dead people, ghosts are all associated with feelings of dread.  They'll often see the entity coming into their room, or trying to choke them and they aren't able to move, talk, or scream, or do anything.  It's a trick of the mind when the mental image is being superimposed on the actual virtual scene. So the imagined events seem very real.
So as you can see, the waking dream is ur so called "haunting", and "ghosts" after all, the mind isn't the sharpest when tired or ill.