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8th Grade Team:
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Lydia Smith - Reporter
Abby Lear, Reporter
7th Grade Team:
Davis Tucker, Reporter
Harrison Outlaw, Reporter
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
6th Grade Team:
Braelyn Oliver
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Collective Punishment
Madison Champagne- Editor

New Heights is a good school, but there is one thing that is not the best idea. They use collective punishment. Collective punishment is never the answer. It does so many things that could be avoided. Collective punishment is a bad idea because it makes the good kids feel as if they are in the wrong, it will not affect the kids they are trying to punish, and there are other, better, forms of punishment.

Collective punishment will hurt your good students. Many children are doing exactly what they are told to do, yet they still must pay the price for the decisions made by their peers. How would you feel if the government punished the nation as a whole just because one state had too much crime? So why is a school house any different? Would you punish a whole town because there was a giant robbery and you could not find the culprits? No, you would just wait until the robbers were caught. So why do schools think it is alright for them to punish an entire grade level for the actions of a few students?

Bad kids will not be affected by collective punishment. They will think “Everyone else is being punished too, so what does it matter how I act?” How are those students that need to be punished going to understand that they are the ones who are responsible if the school just punishes everybody? For example, say you work in a pipe factory and you are part of a group that moves pipes from one building to another. There are five (5) people in your group, and you have done nothing wrong, but you know Gina has been driving without a seat belt and David has been looking at his phone while driving. If your boss punishes all of you, how are you supposed to know who is in trouble and what they are in trouble for? Gina will think it is David and will not use her seat belt, but David will think it was Gina and keep using his phone. So who will benefit from collective punishment?

In addition, there are other forms of punishment that might work better. If there is a student talking in class, take away that students right to talk during breaks like lunch. If there is a student who is not doing work and being disrespectful, send that student to seclusion, like in-school detention. This method might be better because as young children, many people have been in “time-out” where they are secluded, and that is a punishment in their minds already. You could also use a reward method instead. Rather than having the bad students punished, you could reward only the good kids. For example, a dance teacher will give her students that have been well behaved candy and the students who have misbehaved will not get anything. This is another method that many parents may have used while raising children so it will be effective. It would also be effective because who would want to risk not being able go to a dance or a party?

Collective punishment is a form of punishment being used in many schools, but why? It does not seem to do any good. There are better forms of punishment that will help students. So forget collective punishment, because we are constantly moving forward in society. Collective punishment is a thing of the past so keep moving forward into better schools as well.

How to Successfully make it through 8th grade
Madison Miller - Assistant Editor

 We are getting further into the school year right now. It is almost the middle of the year. For 8th graders this might be your hardest year. Here are some tips to successfully get through the school year. The tips are, to have good behavior, good grades, and to work hard.

               The first tip is to have good behavior. If you have good behavior it will make it very easy for you to get through the day. It is hard to get through the day when you are constantly getting in trouble. The teachers and administration are not going to deal with you like they did in 6th and 7th grade. Thy expect a lot out of you when you get to 8th grade.

                    The second tip is to get good grades. Good grades can help you a lot when you are in middle school. It gets very challenging at this grade level. So if you can get good grades in 8th grade it is a possibility that you will continue to get them in high school. They are preparing you for a greater challenge in high school.

                        The third and last thing is to work hard. Working hard can help you with anything. If you are lazy and just slack off all of the time it will be hard for you to cooperate next year. Also you can’t slack off next year or you will have horrible grades. Also just remember hard work pays off.

                           I hope you are having a great 8th grade year so far. Also hopefully you can get through successfully. We are preparing for high school this year so it is higher standards. If you take these tips hopefully you will be able to make it through the year.

Written by: Abby Lear, 8th Grade Reporter
Paper or Digital?


                Books. They can come in many different sizes, genres, colors, etc. But what about digital books? Digital books have become a world known thing and some say its better than the traditional paper bound novel. In my case, I resort to paper books because of the traditional style of them, they can be better for your eyes, and they can boost retention.

            The first reason I resort to paper books is because of the traditional style. In an article that CBS wrote, it says "Paper books are, as a rule, very well designed, they look and smell good, and they carry with them a more human touch.” (Tveit, CBS) Some people including me love the feel and smell of the traditional book, especially students. Merga conducted a study called the West Australian Study in Adolescent Book Reading, or WASABR. The study showed that most students preferred to own something rather than use it.

            Next, paper books can be better for your eyes. According to CBS, “High levels of screen luminance from an electronic device can contribute to visual fatigue, a condition marked by tired, itching, burning eyes.” (CBS) The artificial light exposure from digital books can interfere with your ability to sleep, which can lead to health issues. Paper books do not have ‘artificial light’ since… its paper.

            Lastly, paper books can boost retention. Studies have shown that reading on paper instead of an electronic screen is better for memory and focus. According to CBS, "When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right.” (Mangen, CBS)  For some people, they can have a determination to finish the book once they feel the pages they’ve already read growing.

            In conclusion, these are the reasons that I think paper books are a better solution that digital. They have a traditional style to them, they can be better for your eyes, and they can boost retention.


 Staying Safe During the Holiday Season
By: Lydia Smith, 8th Grade Reporter
      In his article you will read about keys to staying safe during the holiday season, so plug in your brain like we plug in a Christmas tree and stay safe.
     One safety hazard is holiday theft. Holiday theft usually starts at the end of November and rages through the beginning of the New Year. So lock your cars, trucks, houses, and safes. Also, if you have valuables, make sure they are not in sight. Taking pictures and posting them on social media if you got money, expensive gifts, or a gift someone wanted but didn't get could lead them to possibly steal it. One more little thing, if you got a new television, x-box, or even a box from Amazon can expose what your family got and lead to a holiday thief seeing it at the end of your driveway and trying to break down the boxes. So remind your parents to lock up, don't put stuff on social media, and don't leave things with names outside.
     Fire hazards happen from two main things, Christmas trees and cooking. Christmas tree fires can be very devastating for what is normally bringing such joy to so many families. Some have live Christmas trees and if you do make sure it has water everyday, also make sure there are no breaks or exposed wires in your lights. Cooking hazards are also big around this time of the year too, so be carful when cooking. If you plan on having food like fried turkey, cook it outside because a fried house is something no one wants on the menu.
     Some people like to travel for the holidays, and that is fun but make sure you have someone you trust looking after your house. To make sure nobody gets in your house, don't post anything about it until you get home. If you plan on receiving something in the mail to your house from an online store, make sure you request a signature confirmation or get a trusted friend or neighbor to hold it for you until you got home from vacation.
     When you are not home, leaving the lights on is key to not having some person break into your house and at night make sure you have a light on outside before you go to bed to make it look like someone is home. Also, if you plan to put up lights, make sure you don't plug it up in the garage because a thief might try and come in that way because he sees the cord under the garage door. Also, don't plug up lights through an extension cord out of a window because then the window is not shut or locked, so he could push it up.
     In conclusion, I hope you learned ways on how to be safe during the holiday season. Remember safety is very important. Happy holidays to everyone!


Spring Break

By: Harrison Outlaw


This year spring break was a nine-day vacation from school, four weekend days and five week days. The last day of spring break was Easter. Lots of people think of spring break as the start of the end of the school year. People do many different things for spring break like take a vacation.


            In Chesterfield county this year spring break started April thirteenth and ended April twenty-first. After spring break there are twenty-seven full days and two half days of school left. After spring break state testing starts.


            Some family’s take vacations to different places like the beach or a famous city. Also some people just relax and stay home.  No matter what you do over spring break it’s nice to be out of school.


            Easter was the last day of our spring break.  To Christians this is a very special day.  We celebrate our risen savior.  Families get together on this day and go to church together.  Some even go to a sunrise service.


            Spring break is a much needed break from the school routine.  Students and families get to spend sometime together. Teachers probably are thankful for the break too.  I’m glad we get a break before the stress of state testing.

 Fall Holidays
By: Davis Tucker, 7th Grade Reporter 
     In October of 2018, Pageland entered in a contest that would take them on a four-month journey to try and win $500,000 and be featured on a TV show. So many people supported this small town in South Carolina in hopes of Pageland advancing in the contest. Sponsored by the Deluxe Corporation, Small Business Revolution is a reality show on Hulu which follows the transformation of a portion of the downtown business area in the winning town.
     Pageland needs guidance and financial aid in the revitalization of its businesses and downtown areas. Of the 12,000 applications submitted, Pageland was selected as one of the top 20 towns in the contest. People such as businessmen, elected officials, shop owners, industry workers, and Pageland citizens to come together to help Pageland advance. Social media buzz with comments and support of the smallest town in the top 20. 
     In January 2019, Pageland moved to the top 10 in the competition, giving everyone in town hope that Pageland might go all the way. The production crew from the TV show visited Pageland to see the town in person and meet some business owners to determine if Pageland would move to the top 5. A parade and reception were held in honor of the TV crew's visit. 
     Sadly, even with all the efforts the small town gave, Pageland failed to make it to the top five. Business owners and citizens were disappointed that they missed the opportunity to advance to the next step. However, Pageland and its people will not lose hope. Even though this opportunity passed, Pageland will keep standing strong and looking for more opportunities to revitalize the small South Carolina town. 
The History of Thanksgiving
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
     Thanksgiving is the time of the year when families come together, eat a meal, and enjoy spending time with each other.
     Thanksgiving is on the third Thursday in November.  The first ever Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was then that the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared a harvest feast.
     In 1620, a ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England carrying a little over one hundred passengers.  They sought out a new home where they could have religious freedom.  After a long trip that lasted sixty-six days, they found land near Cape Cod.  One month later, they crossed the Massachusetts Bay and they began building their town.
     During the first winter, many people died due to exposure and diseases.  Half of the Mayflower's passengers lived until the Spring.  When they moved ashore they received a surprising greeting from an Abenaki Native American who spoke English.  A few days later, he ventured with Squanto who was a part of the Pawtuxet tribe.  
     Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to use land for corn, get sap from maple trees, catch fish, and which plants were poisonous. Squanto also helped form an alliance with the Wampanoag Tribe.  In November 1621, the governor organized a feast and invited their Native American allies.  It lasted for three days.
     The Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving feast in 1623.  During the American Revolution the Continental Congress assigned one of more days of Thanksgiving a year.  In 1789, George Washington assigned the first Thanksgiving celebration by the national government of the United States.  In 1817, New York was the one of the first states to adopt an annual Thanksgiving holiday.  Abraham Lincoln finally accepted the request in 1863 and he scheduled Thanksgiving for the fourth Thursday in November.  In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week to try to encourage retail sales during the Great Depression. In 1941, the President signed a bill making Thanksgiving the third Thursday in November. 
     In conclusion, Thanksgiving is a historic holiday celebrated for the peace between Pilgrims and Native Americans.
The Hartman Memorial Tournament
By: Braelyn Oliver
The Bob and Elease Hartman Memorial Tournament was played on Monday and Tuesday, April 15th and 16th. This year was the 22nd playing of the tournament. It had been played annually since 1992, when the coach of the Central Eagles, Chuck Hartman, started it in memory of his parents. When he retired from his position, the tournament was not played again until this year, when he came out of retirement to coach the team’s eagles and rising eagles.
I interviewed coach Hartman about the tournament’s history. He stated, “The tournament was started in 1992 in memory of my parents. I wanted Central High to have a tournament because most of the other schools in this time had tournaments of their own.” I then asked him about the difference of the number of players over the years. “At one point we had twenty-four teams. The parents and players enjoyed coming up to the course because they were treated good, fed good, and the course was always in good shape and easy to play.”
There were seven teams, with four individuals, who competed in the tournament. The teams were Cane Bay, Lancaster, River Bluff JV and Varsity, Lexington, and of course Central. The coach of River Bluff varsity, Rodger Smith, has had his team play in twenty-one out of the twenty-two times played. Though he was not interviewed, at the tournament he said, “I enjoy bringing my team down here because, the food is always good, as well as the course and the spectators and players.”
Central placed third shooting a two day total of 679. David Oliver was the individual varsity champion shoot two under-par scores of 69 and 70, for the winning score of 139. Noah Johns, from Central, shot 164. Chance Horton shot 183, Connor Cryster shot 191, and Davis Tucker finished with a 209.
This year’s tournament was successful, and special guest, Joann Miller, whom the tournament was played in honor of, was there on Tuesday to present the awards to the recipients.