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8th Grade Team:
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Should Students Be Allowed To Use Their Phones in School?
Garrett Deese- Editor
     There are many reasons that account for why students should be allowed to use their phones in school. Students should be allowed to use their phones in school because they wouldn't have to ask the teacher very many questions, it could save the schools money, and it could keep them relaxed.
     One major reason that tells you why students should be able to use their phones in school is because they wouldn't have to ask the teacher as many questions. If a student was confused as of how to spell experiment, they could just look it up on their phone. If they wanted to know what year the Revolutionary War started, they could look that up as well. The teacher wouldn't have to stop what she was teaching about, and there wouldn't have to be multiple kids hands raised at one time.
     Another reason why students should be able to have their phones in school is because it would save the school money. For example, after students finish their work, over 80% of teachers make their students read. If a student wanted to read A To Kill  Mockingbird, they could just look it up online. This could save the school money for books, and maybe even textbooks.
     The last reason that explains why students should be able to have phones in school is because it could help relax them. If a student was in the middle of a test and he or she was very stressed, they could just put headphones into their phones and play peaceful music. It could calm them down very quickly.
     All these reasons explain very clearly why students should be able to have their phones in school. Right now, students are not even close to being able to have their phones in school. Maybe one day in the near future that will be changed.
Camp Cherokee
Lizzie Outlaw- Reporter, Asst. Editor
     What do you do in the summer? I go to a wonderful summer camp called Camp Cherokee. It is a YMCA camp.
     Camp Cherokee is located in Blacksburg, SC. It is out in the woods with a lake. It is the perfect location for a summer camp. You are not allowed to have any technology. It is a great way to unplug and tap into nature.
     Each day you have four activities. Some examples include canoeing, sailing, rock climbing, cooking, and karaoke. As you can see there are activities for every type of person, not just outdoors people. The activities are my favorite part of camp.
     Then at night everybody at camp comes together for an evening activity. Dances, dodgeball, and Rambo (capture the flag) are some of these activities. They are a great way to get to know other campers who aren't in your cabin.
     It is always sad to leave camp but by the end of the week I am glad to go home and see my family. I have made memories at camp that will last a lifetime. Also I have lived with girls that I usually wouldn't have hung around with. Camp Cherokee can bring you out of your comfort zone.
     If you are looking for a camp to attend I hope you will consider attending Camp Cherokee. It is truly an awesome place to spend your summer.
Important Things in Sports
By: Blair Kirkley, Reporter
     Most sports require more than just the ability to play. You must have effort, a good attitude, determination, and you need good communication.
     I am going to start with effort and attitude. These are 2 of the most important things it takes in any sport. If you're not going to give 110% then why even go out there and try. Another thing to go along with effort is if you don't give it your all at practice, you won't give it your all during a game. If you don't have a good attitude you won't be able to do anything. If you're having a bad day, then you leave it all behind when you step on to the field or court. That's where effort and attitude come into play.
     Next thing is that you must be determined. Determined means to be willing to put forth the extra effort to do something. If you don't have a goal, then what are you working towards? You must be determined to keep going and working towards your goals even when you keep making mistakes. As an example, in volleyball you must be determined that whenever the ball is hit or served you will be able to get a hand on the ball every time. So, if you are determined to do something, work towards it and don't give up.
     The final thing is communication. In all sports communication is a big thing, even if it is not verbal communication. In baseball and football, they each have signs as a form or communication. If you don't know what the sign is then you will mess up the whole play. In other sports such as volleyball communication is huge. If the ball is coming between two people you must make sure your team mate knows that you want the ball.
     So, now you know why effort, attitude, determination, and communication is key in just about all sports. Playing is the fun part of the sport, but these are all key factors to being a successful athlete in any sport.
What Christmas Means To Me
Written by: Emonyia Baker, Reporter
     Christmas is a holiday loved by many. It's the time of year people spread joy and love. Some people think the best part of
Christmas is the presents, but to me Christmas is so much more.
     Christmas is the time to spread love and joy. It's time to give more than receive. Giving is one of the main reasons Christmas is special. One of the best things to give is something homemade, although material things are great too. Giving puts a special kind of feeling in your heart.
     This time of year is all about loving one another and a good time to enjoy family, friends, and celebrate the meaning of Christmas.
     Whatever you do for Christmas, these meanings never leave. Christmas is all about giving, love, joy, family, and friends. Christmas is a very special holiday, but forgetting the true meaning of Christmas  could take the joy out of the season. What does the Christmas season mean to you?
Chloe McMillan - Reporter\ Production
     Hair. Hair is an important part of us. Have you ever thought what does my hair color say about me?
     A lot of people say blonde haired people are not that smart, some say they have more fun. I think some of the statement is true. You know how you say something but you meant something else people might say, "Are you sure you aren't supposed to be blonde?" (I get that a lot.)
     Red is a rare hair color! A lot of people say reds have a temper. My mom and my sister have red hair. My sister gets mad very easily, my mom not so much.
     Brown hair is the most common! People say brown hair is uptight. That is not true in my opinion. I have brown hair and my friend has brown hair, we just go with the flow.
     In the end your hair color is unique, and may tell you how to act.
Medical Daily
By: Madison Champagne 
 Are you fluent in another language or did you learn? Don't you think it would be awesome if foreign language classes were offered at a middle school level? I believe it would be great.
If students were taught the basic of some of the foreign languages taught in high school, by the time they got there, they could begin getting into the more advanced lessons. High school teachers would not have to take the time to teach the basics. Like this, they can go right on to teaching more detailed word and phrases. This would also help students decide what language to go with in high school. They would know what they like and what they wish they never took.
Also, it would make school more interesting. Kids would have a little bit of good excitement in their school day. Students are most likely to enjoy learning something brand new. They could make friends who love that language just as much they as they do and say something to get everyone who is not in their class to guess what it was that they said. Wouldn't you, because I know I would.
Now everything has these, drawbacks. The school would have to find teachers and classrooms. The teachers will also need to be paid. What's more, they would also need to cut out one class short or expand the school day, neither of which sounds good. It would also mean students would have more work, supplies, and more to remember.
Although it has it's drawbacks, foreign language classes would be a great addition to any middle school. Students would be better prepared for the future, able to talk to a wider range of people, and have more fun in school.
NHMS: How to Finish out the Year
By: Madison Miller, Reporter
     As we are in the 3rd quarter the school year is ending. A lot of things happened at the beginning of the year. You might want to finish out a certain way so here are three things you can do. Don't get in trouble, continue to strive for good grades, and look in to summer activities.
     1st don't get in trouble. When you make it so far into the year you don't want to get in trouble now if you haven't the whole entire year. If you have then you can change that. Also if you get in trouble at the end of the year that will affect you at the beginning of next year. We are all excited it's the end of the year I'm pretty sure, so don't mess it up now.
     2nd is to continue making good grades. Just because the year is coming to an end doesn't mean you can start to be lazy and making bad grades. Your grades at the end of the year are just as important at the end of the year. At this time in the year is when most people start to get the laziest. Don't let one of those people be you.
     3rd and lastly look forward to summer activities. I know you need to still focus on your school work but you can still think and day dream about what you are going to do. Beside you have done a lot of hard work to get through the year. You deserve to be rewarded. So it's ok to think or daydream about how much fun you will have this summer.
     It has been a long and stressful half of the year. Happily and sadly it is coming to an end. I hope you all have a great rest of the year.