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Sponsors: Michelle Medlin and Karen Brock
7th Grade: Tiffany Funderburk, Nadia Scott
6th Grade: Emerald Melton
The News Team is looking for students who love to write and have opinions they want to share. If you are interested, please see Mrs. Medlin.
Pros and Cons of A Job
Emerald Melton
Although, I don't have a job yet, I really want to work one day.  I realize there are pros and cons of having a job.
A big pro is having your own money is the ability to buy whatever you want.  Dealing with the public could turn into a con, in retail and especially in the fast food industry. People can be rude.  Another con would be of course, having to wake up early to report to work and going to bed tired. 
How much you make, depends on the career you choose, there's nothing wrong with making $13.00 an hour as long you pay your bills, in a lot of cases, fast food workers are young people still in high school and this will allow extra spending money, saving for a car, or just helping your parents. 
What age should you start working depends on your other responsibilities if you are a student. Managing a job, school, and other school related activities does show you are hard working, responsible, a time manager. In South Carolina, 14 and 15 year old workers have restrictions, they can not work more than 3 hours a day during school.
if you are sixteen and older do not have those restrictions.
Finding the perfect job for you, it depends on if you want to go to a four year college, a 2 year college or maybe just learn a vocation. Either way make sure the job you choose is a good fit for you.

The Timeline of Covid-19

 Tiffany Funderburk - 7th Grade Editor


            Think of time where you were at your peek. You were the happiest you have ever been, and you had everything you loved without looking back. You didn’t think to stop in your tracks and be grateful. You didn’t even think once that maybe you were taking it for granted. But now in a time like this you wish you had. Covid-19 came and suddenly everything that you had was gone. The virus changed the world forever and this is how.


          It all started in the beginning of 2020. On January 30th the first transmission from person to person had been identified. People didn’t really worry about it because it wasn’t that big. But knowing that, they still had recent travelers from China to be quarantined to stop the spread to other people. But on February 12th the first death in America happen. As the days go by and more and more information came out to the public. President Trump and his former Vice President Mike Pence states, “The risk for American people remains very low.” But the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases predicts and states on February 21st, “We're not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet, but it’s very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen.”


          People began to take serious action trying to contain the virus. On February 28th the CDC National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases and the FDA began to find test kits (kits to find if you have Covid) and learning new information about this virus. On March 3rd the US surpasses 100 cases. President Trump began to enforce strict travel restriction from Ireland, United Kingdom, and many other places in Europe that have been hit hard with Covid-19. As the US begins to grow in cases President Trump also issues national emergency quarantine on March 13th.  This day schools, businesses, and more began to shut down. Guidelines were also set in place for gatherings more than 10 people. The CDC reports that all ages were at risk.

          Covid-19 began to get extremely serious. Sadly, on March 19th the US had over 10,000 cases and just a week after on March 26th the cases were at 80,000 and around 1,000 deaths making the US in the lead. Citizens around the nation were struggling to pay the bills, feed themselves their kids, animals, and more. Trump took action as he released a 2,000-dollar stimulus check. But Covid-19 began to get bigger and bigger and it was harder to contain with 100,000 cases on March 27th. With just a couple days after on April 1st the US had 200,000 cases. To counteract the virus the CDC, recommend face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The FDA had testing kits ready and now are offered to the public on April 21st.


          Covid-19 has been around for a couple months and the cases are rising every day, this virus is not a joke. But knowing that President Trump allowed everyone to reopen but with face mask and social distancing (on May 8th). But this allow the unemployment to go up to 14.7% (the highest its been since the great depression) because of this reopen a lot more people got the virus. At that time there were over 300,000 deaths.


          Covid-19 is not done but it has surely changed our life. It has caused many deaths, jobs losses, and sadness. Be grateful for what you have and never take it for granted. Covid-19 is not done but working together and fighting for our lives is all we can do!







Nadia Scott - 7th Grade

Hurt Not


Perfect porcelain. I would love to think of the world that way, but I would be lying to myself. The world is far from perfect. In fact, I think the world itself is more broken than the things inside it. I have faint indistinct memories of my past self. People stop and admire me. “A picture of perfection”, they would say. It was me. I was the perfect porcelain doll. As time went by, I heard the world, felt it. For I was a doll, I could not feel physical pain, but the world’s pain was mine to bear. I felt it all. I may have been man-made, but my feeling, my hurt, my self-deriving insecurities, I created those. By and by, the world’s emotions became a burden, an over-whelming weight sat upon my shoulders. I came to life. You would think I would still be that perfect porcelain doll, but I could still feel the world’s pain and sorrow. Now I could feel it physically too. I wasn’t normal, I couldn’t tell the difference between the world’s grief and mine. As the world became more unfair and twisted, parts of me chipped off. Not only inside me, but on the outside too. I was ugly. I was broken and unlovable. Silenced parts of me screamed themselves sore, but no one heard me. My every muscle was bound by my own mind. The world was a trap that I had fallen into. Unable to think. Unable to move. I had to surrender. I had to tear down my walls brick by brick, until nothing remained but a sorry pile of rubble. The rubble signified my life; broken, small, useless, and unimportant. I had a deep yearning to do more with my life. Though I considered my tenderness and pity for the world peculiar, I fervent my abilities. Instead of resenting the sorrow, I embraced it. I found this as a way to rid others of their pain. Sacrifice is a word that not many people can grasp, let alone understand, but my whole life was a sacrifice. By taking away others’ misery I surrendered myself into a black pit of nothingness. I thought if I purloined their pain and hurt, the greed for power would stop invading. What I didn’t know though, was that every time I took away their affliction, I was also taking away their commiseration. With the lack of sympathy, the world became pure destruction, and I was the one who caused it…All this time I focused on undertaking others’ anguish, but now I needed someone to take away mine. In my past life, when the weight of the world became too much, I would simply look into one of my sisters’ eyes. There were many dolls there, but I was the only one with my particular abilities. It still helped though, to look into their eyes and know that they were made just like I was. Now that I was human, I didn’t know if it would have the same effect, but I desperately needed a miracle. I sat the doll in front of me. We sat in the stilled silence for what seemed like eons. When my distress was relieved, I grasped the doll and carefully schlepped it to my cottage. The remainder of the day was rather tedious, but I was grateful I no longer had to suffer my torment. I stared at that doll day in and day out. “Perfect Porcelain”, I muttered. Perfect porcelain…It was then that I realized that people were completely wrong when they said that nothing was perfect. Everything was perfect in its own way, including me. I could finally perceive the purpose of pain. It was there to show the difference between hurt and happiness. Without it, no one would be able to experience the greatness in life. My newfound mindset made me realize that I could make the pile of rubble a castle by simply feeling the anguish and accepting it. I am perfect, loved, and appreciated.