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 History of Karaoke



Karaoke has been a fun thing to do with your family or friends or even just random people. Karaoke was invented in 1971 when the first karaoke machine was made by a Japanese inventor. But it was not very popular until 1975 in the karaoke sing-along system. Read along as we go more into the history of karaoke.

When karaoke was first invented it was not very popular until the later 70s. Then once it became more popular people around the world started to go places and sing karaoke with their friends and family. As time has gone by, karaoke has turned into a sport in some places. As you can win a reward for having the best voice.

As karaoke can be very fun at times it can also be very embarrassing. Like if you get up on the stage and just humiliate yourself in front of your friends and random people. The way that karaoke works is that there is a book that has all of the songs the DJ can play, you can pick one. Then the DJ will call you up to the stage and you sing the song while reading the words on a machine.

Over the spring break I went to the beach and sang karaoke. It took a lot of courage to go up on the stage and sing. But once I got up there and told them what song I was going to sing I felt like no one else was there. After I felt that nothing could stop me, I think that by singing karaoke or doing something you usually don’t do, it gives you courage to do more things.

So as karaoke might sound like a bad idea at first it could turn into a day that you get courage to do more things that you might not do on a regular day. If you do not have the courage to sing on your own, get your family and friends to sing with you as a group. By doing this you can create a bond between each other.



Valentine's Day

Written by : Leah Seidhom


Valentine’s Day is a festival dedicated to love. We often heard that love doesn’t need a particular day to be celebrated. But Valentine’s Day is made for remembering the togetherness and attachments to our loved ones. Valentines’ Day is followed by Valentines’ Week and it is the grand fest based on the human emotion called love.

Like other fests, Valentine’s Day is also carrying a special history. Commonly, it is known as the day in the memory of Saint Valentine. But some sources say that there were many Bishops in Rome who tried to spread love.

In ancient Greece, The mild winter season was celebrated as Valentine’s Day. According to their mythology, this day was considered as the day when God Zeus married Goddess Hera. Various mythological facts depict different stories upon the origin of Valentine’s Day. Legacy of the fest says that every year zillions of wedding proposals are asked on 14, February.

It is observed that 75% of men purchase Valentine’s Day Cards in comparison to women. Valentine’s Day is quite famous in Christian based countries. Around the globe, this fest is quite popular in America, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Argentina, the Philippines, etc. In the Philippines, mass weddings are organized on this day.

This occasion rejuvenates their bonding. The concept of gifting roses and chocolates is scientifically related to the heart. These mediums of expressing love are considered as the best medium to represent their loved ones. There are various Valentine’s Day celebration ideas:

  • Dinner plan with a partner
  • Outing with loving one
  • Watching a movie with your partner
  • Plan a long trip with your partner



History of  Animations

Kyonna Butterfield


Animations have been very popular over the years especially with movies and shows , animations first started  on July 20th 1887 in France it was called Pauvre Pierrot, at the Musée Grévin and it was made by  Pauvre Pierrot he is believed to be the first usage of film perforations , Hundreds of years before the introduction of true animation, people all over the world enjoyed shows with moving figures that were created and manipulated manually in puppetry, automata, shadow play, and the magic carpet . The multimedia phantasmagoria  shows that were very popular in European theaters from the late 18th century through the first half of the 19th century, featured lifelike projections of moving ghosts and other frightful imagery in motion. There are also some fun facts about the history of animations like did you know that the first ever commercial film to be released with stereophonic sound was fantasia also The original name of Tom and Jerry were decided to be Jasper and Jinx by the creators! So now that i think of it i wanna thank Pauvre Pierrot because if t wasn't for him we wouldn’t have all these funny movies and shows with animations  because i never really thought how the start of animations started until now and while i was looking it up it was very interesting that animations started 134 years ago and that is my article about the history of animations .

Benefits of Baseball

                                                              By SAMUEL DEESE

Many think sports are played by people just to stay physically fit and/or to compete against each other. I believe there is way more to baseball than that. Baseball is a thing that you should always enjoy and continuously learn from. You don’t always have to be the strongest or the fastest to be competitive at the sport.

Baseball is also a great way to meet new friends. Every year after my parents sign me up, I can barely wait to find out what team I am going to play with and who’s going to be on it. Almost every time, we have someone new to start playing baseball. I have met many great friends in my years of baseball. Although the players are different each year, the game teaches us teamwork.

Baseball helps you develop both discipline and sportsmanship. Some think that it is a game of simply throwing, hitting, and catching. That is just the physical part of the game. The parts that I enjoy most are the ones that make you think. In the game of baseball, people like your coaches teach you many things such as to support the other team after they may have lost and to support your teammates even if they did not have a good game. These things can help you have great character, which helps you later on in life.

Baseball is also about having fun. When the season first starts, you get to have several practices together. It is always fun waiting for the coach to tell you what position you will be playing that year. Once the games begin, you get to hang out with all your friends and not just the ones on your team, but the ones on the opposing team as well. It is also fun on the nights that you get to go eat with your family after the game.

These are some of the many benefits of baseball. The game is not just about winning and losing. It is just not about learning to play a sport. It is also about the friendships made, the lessons learned, and the character built. 

Nuclear Fusion 

By: Nadia Scott

Nuclear fusion first came to be in the early 20th century. The first proposition of the meer theory of nuclear fusion was constructed on the basis of stars. British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington proposed the speculation that stars powered themselves by drawing energy from the fusion of hydrogen into helium. Soon potential utilization expanded to encompass that of energy production, warfare, and rocket propulsion. 

Explained, nuclear fusion is the process in which uranium atoms are split into two or more parts. Once the uranium pellets are placed in the nuclear reactor they are forced to break apart. Whilst in the splitting process they release particles known as fission products. These fission products cause other uranium atoms to split apart, creating a chain reaction. The energy released in this process creates heat. Then heat then warms up the reactor's cooling agent. After being thoroughly heated, the cooling agent produces steam. The aforementioned steam then turns turbines that drive generators, or engines to produce electricity. 

The nuclear power industry in the United States contributes an estimated $60 billion to the country's gross domestic commodity per year ,and sustains almost half a million jobs. Nuclear power stations in the United States can potentially employ up to 700 people, whilst obtaining incomes that are 30 percent more than that of the national average. Nuclear energy costs approximately 25 to 30 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is fairly low compared to that of other energy sources.

Even though the components, or elements used in nuclear fusion are non-renewable, the process and energy created is clean. This meaning that they do not produce greenhouse gasses or pollute the air. These plants can be built in numerous locations and will not radically alter the environment around them. The steam made in this process is ultimately recycled. This implies that it is reduced back to liquid form to once more become steam and repeat the process to henceforth create additional energy.

Nuclear energy has many applications such as producing electricity that has the ability to power homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. With this being said, it is one of the most cost-effective energy solutions. This implies its ability to reach not only the elite but be available to all classes. It is a reliable source of energy whilst also producing low, to no, pollution. It may also offer a scientific basis for further studies to evolutionize this process, or create an even more efficient one. 

History of Theater Arts

Sadie Colombo



Theater has been quite a common thing for almost 25 centuries! But nobody really talks about how it originated, or what inspired it. Now, how was it created? How did it get so popular? And, how did people realize they wanted to get involved? Those are all great questions, and perhaps you’ll find answers to them in this article.

Even though performative elements are common all over the world, it is common to understand the distinct line between theater as art and theater just for entertainment. One might say that there is no such thing as a line, after all it is the same thing, right? But that is definitely not the case. 

Some say that theater was based on ritual, even though there is no real evidence regarding this statement. But I will say that even though theater may have not been based on ritual, it does have a close-knit relationship with ritual itself. 

Theater didn’t require the audience to fast, drink different concoctions, or march in sync, but theater did offer the idea of purification and healing via watching the performers, this can be called a theama (physical locations of which are often called theatron). Societies grew more complex, and these elements began to be performed under non-ritualistic environments. This began the curb to theater as an activity like we know it today. 

Fast forward to 1743, American theater was banned after William Shakespear’s play The Merchant of Venice. This was due to a heavily Christian society, and the reason for this is the Bible was considered sacred and any other forms of entertainment was seen as inappropriate, frivolous, and sensual. During this time, theater was often hidden in plain sight as ‘moral lectures’.

During the Revolutionary War, theater took a quick pause but picked back up after the war ended (1781). Soon theater began to spread west, and towns soon began to have theaters before they had sidewalks and even sewers. There were plenty of leading theatrical companies, but the best of which was in Philadelphia (1794-1815). Of course, the ban was still in place back then, so the company had shaky roots.



College is school after high school where you can start a career and life in our society. College for me is important and helps me see my future. A Lot of people don't go to college for lots of reasons like the career they want to take part in doesn't need one or doesn't have the funds, scholarships, or money to go which is perfectly fine. When I go to college I want to go anywhere far away, I want to see new places, meet new people, and try new things. My dream schools are Yale, University of Oklahoma, and University of Alabama.

What I would like to go to college for is softball because that is the dream but if that doesn't work i want to have academics to back me. I probably won't have chance into getting in thoughts colleges because Oklahoma and Alabama are pretty much the #1 school for softball in my opinion so it would be super hard to get in. Now Yale I would really like to go for academics but I have a 95.5% in that happening. I have a lot of faith that I could get into some good colleges if I stay on the path I'm on now but I think personally that it's going to be harder for me because of the area I live and where I go to school.

There are seven important factors to get you into college. First off you need to have the grades and college prep courses. Second, you have to have the admission test scores for the school you want to attend. Third, you need good grades in all your courses starting freshman year. Fourth, you need extracurricular activities to go on your resume like community service or any type of sport. Fifth, you have to letters of recommendation to submit with your resume and you can get these letters from past teachers or principals. Sixth you will need to have an essay or writing simple to get in. Last but not least you'll have to have Demonstrated interest. These steps are how you apply to college and if you do all of these right you could possibly get into a really good one.

College for a lot of people is very important because for some career paths you need it to continue where you want to go like to become a doctor or a dentist. When you apply to a college you go there to study in a major. When I go to college I want to major in Psychology. Psychology is the study of the human brain, and with this I want to become a psychologist or therapist to help and listen to others. With this major I would study in school about the science of human behavior and mental process. How I wanna go to college is with a softball scholarship which is highly impossible for me because of the school area I'm in which is fine because I love softball but i don't think it's what I wanna do in college.

Going to college and to learn how to start your career to be ready for our society is important to some and not to others. I look forward to it in the future because I'm ready to meet new people, try new things, and see new places. I hope I continue to thrive in school so I can go. My parents help me with my school and want me to do well in school. I'm not sure where i will end up going to school but i hope i do good and make new friends.


                                                                                   BY KIMBERLY DURAN

Enhypen is a K-pop boy band that is formed by Belift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Hype Corporation and debuted in November 2020. Formed through the 2020 survival competition show I-Land. The group has 7 members, Yang Jung won (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Visual), Lee Hee seung (Center, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper), Jay Park (Korean Name: Park Jong Seong and Main Rapper, Dancer) Jake Sim (Korean Name: Sim Jae Yun and Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper), Park Sung Hoon (Visual, Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper), Kim Seon Woo (Lead Vocalist, Dancer), Nishimura Riki (NickName: Ni-ki, Maknae Line, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper).  

In March 2019, Belift was co-founded by South Korean entertainment agencies CJ E&M and Hybe Corporation, with plans of creating a new band in 2020.

On October 22, 2020, a trailer titled “Choose-Chosen” was released on YouTube announcing that the group debuted in November 2020. Then a second trailer was released 3 days later called “Dusk-Dawn”. In October 2020, Belift announced that Enhypen will release their debut extended play, Border: Day One on November 30.

Ahead of their debut, the group accumulated over one million followers on social media platforms such as, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and on V Live. On November 4 2020, the group amassed over 150,000 pre-orders within 2 days. BY November 21, 2020, The group surpassed 300,000 copies. “Given-Taken” was released on November 30, 2020, with a live showcase promotion. Enhypen officially made their debut on KBS' Music Bank, where the band performed "Given-Taken". On July 6, 2021, Enhypen made their Japanese debut with the single Border: Hakanai (BORDER : 儚い), which includes "Forget Me Not", that serves as the opening theme for the anime Re-Main, and the Japanese versions of "Given-Taken" and "Let Me In (20 Cube)". On July 29, 2021, Enhypen collaborated with the computer-animated  television series Tayo the Little Bus by remaking the theme song "Hey Tayo"  and releasing a new song entitled "Billy Poco".

They are actually successful right now, especially at a young age.  In my opinion I think they are the most successful young kpop group I have ever heard of.


By: Mallory Helms  



The Meaning 

Family means the world to people. It is hard to not let your family go. The real meaning of family is a “group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.” The meaning in my mind is love. I love my family so so much. 


Last Love You 

You sometimes say I love you to your family. Sometimes that “I love you” is the last one. Saying goodbye to someone in your family is so hard. It is sad to say goodbye, but you have to say it. It gets better and easier. Family is love so tell your family you love them and give them a big hug. 

My family 

My family is crazy, but I love them. They are loud and funny. I love who my family is. It is fun to hang out with them. My cousins go to Walmart and eat out almost every weekend. I love my family. They love me and I love them.