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8th Grade Team:
Madison Champagne, Editor
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Lydia Smith - Reporter
Abby Lear, Reporter
7th Grade Team:
Davis Tucker, Reporter
Harrison Outlaw, Reporter
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
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Arts Education
Madison Champagne- Editor
      According to the 2005 report by eh he and Corporation about the visual arts, arts "can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing," (Smith, 3) The arts are an area of study that is crucial to human life, yet many schools are cutting it. The arts are only side things, right? Wrong, the arts ae very important to be educated on. Art education is important because it helps academics, it builds character, and it develops creativity.
     Teaching the arts is proven to help students academics. This has been tested in many ways and places. A study organization from the National Association of State Boards of Education said in a report that a massive body of research emphasizes the profits of art in curriculum. (Smith, 3) That means that not just one study, many studies, are proving this. What are they helping? According to the research, "Arts education can close the achievement gap for students of low socioeconomic status, significantly decrease the dropout rate, and increase college attendance and grades. In early childhood, arts education improves vocabulary, communication, and memory. For English Language Learners, arts education can increase vocabulary, writing, and communication... further, as early as preschool bein exposed to creative arts programs improves social skills, decreasing behaviors such as withdrawal, social anxiety, and aggression. Involvement in the arts is also associated with self-efficacy-belief in ones own ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task- and self-esteem- confidence in ones own worth." (Goussy, 4-5) Arts education will give our students things to help them succeed in every area. Arizona's state super intendant of public instruction, Tom Horne, said "if they're worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more arts, not less. There's lots of evidence that kids immersed in the arts do better on their academic tests." (Smith, 2) 
     Participating in arts education programs builds character. In "Arts Education Matters" (Greene et. 12) They said that art experiences strengthen critical thinking, instructing students to slow down to be more meticulous in how thy view the world, and they also give other skills. "Researches believe this is [SIC] improvement is [SIC] also, in part, due to skills learned in art classes that students may not acquire elsewhere in the school, such as "persistence, expression, making clear connections between schoolwork and the outside world, observing, envisioning, and innovating through exploration."
     Teaching the arts is the best way to develop creativity. You may say what is creativity good for? Creativity is good for a lot of things. "In a February 2007 op-ed piece in the Dallas Morning News, Gigi Antoni, president and CEO of Big Thought, the nonprofit partner ship working with the district, the Wallace Foundation and more than 60 local arts and cultural institutions, explain the rationale behind what was then called the Dallas Arts Learning Initiative: "DALI was created on one... meticulously researched, premise- that students flourish when creativity drives learning." (Smith, 4) This can help students gain skills, such as creative problem solving, that they can actually use in day-to-day life. Additionally, creativity is good for students, it makes them think while doing something enjoyable.
     Academics being helped, creativity being developed, and character being built are all reasons why arts education is valuable. Creativity is being boosted by the arts, and it is something we need in this world. Character is built, and many other good traits along with it. Academics are much better with the arts and it has been proven time and time again. "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence,"  sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz has said," (Smith, 1) and no one can solve a problem until they know it's there.
How to Successfully make it through 8th grade
Madison Miller - Assistant Editor

 We are getting further into the school year right now. It is almost the middle of the year. For 8th graders this might be your hardest year. Here are some tips to successfully get through the school year. The tips are, to have good behavior, good grades, and to work hard.

               The first tip is to have good behavior. If you have good behavior it will make it very easy for you to get through the day. It is hard to get through the day when you are constantly getting in trouble. The teachers and administration are not going to deal with you like they did in 6th and 7th grade. Thy expect a lot out of you when you get to 8th grade.

                    The second tip is to get good grades. Good grades can help you a lot when you are in middle school. It gets very challenging at this grade level. So if you can get good grades in 8th grade it is a possibility that you will continue to get them in high school. They are preparing you for a greater challenge in high school.

                        The third and last thing is to work hard. Working hard can help you with anything. If you are lazy and just slack off all of the time it will be hard for you to cooperate next year. Also you can’t slack off next year or you will have horrible grades. Also just remember hard work pays off.

                           I hope you are having a great 8th grade year so far. Also hopefully you can get through successfully. We are preparing for high school this year so it is higher standards. If you take these tips hopefully you will be able to make it through the year.

Written by: Abby Lear, 8th Grade Reporter
What is the Right Dog Breed for You?


For some people, a dog is an essential thing to have. Whether you have a family or just started a new life, you may want a dog to join you. But, if you do not know a lot about the dog you want, you may want to think about a few things. You want to think about how high of maintenance some dogs may need, whether you want a dog to protect you or be there for you, and what size you want your furry companion to be.

            The first thing to look at is how high of maintenance some dogs may need. For example, a Basset Hound, Bulldog, or a Bull Mastiff may take less work than an Australian Shepard, Border Collie, or a Griffon Bruxellois would. If you work long hours you would want a dog who is not high maintenance. If you have short job hours and time for long walks and other things, you may want a high maintenance dog.

            The next thing you want to look at is whether you would want a dog to protect you, such as a guard dog, or just to be a family pet. Some examples of a guard dog would be a German Shepard, a Doberman, or a Rottweiler. These types of dogs have a sense of intelligence, a trainable protective instinct and many other qualities. If you don’t want a guard dog, you could go with a dog breed that would be there for you or your family just to be part of the family. Even though every dog is part of a family, some are meant to be family dogs and not used to guard such as Beagles, Collies, or Labrador Retrievers. These types of dogs have a social ability that can be great for kids and they can have an openness that attracts families.

The last thing you want to look at in a dog is size. For example, if you have a small New York apartment, you might not want to go and get a Great Dane unless you know they can fit in a comfortable living space. Examples of big dogs would be a Mastiff, a St. Bernard, or an Irish Wolfhound. These dogs need a large living space inside or outside that can provide them comfort. If you do have a small apartment or just a small space to keep a dog in general, some breeds to look at could be a Yorkshire Terrier, a Maltese, or a Dachshund. These dogs do not need a very large space to feel comfortable and they can also be inside dogs.


 Staying Safe During the Holiday Season
By: Lydia Smith, 8th Grade Reporter
      In his article you will read about keys to staying safe during the holiday season, so plug in your brain like we plug in a Christmas tree and stay safe.
     One safety hazard is holiday theft. Holiday theft usually starts at the end of November and rages through the beginning of the New Year. So lock your cars, trucks, houses, and safes. Also, if you have valuables, make sure they are not in sight. Taking pictures and posting them on social media if you got money, expensive gifts, or a gift someone wanted but didn't get could lead them to possibly steal it. One more little thing, if you got a new television, x-box, or even a box from Amazon can expose what your family got and lead to a holiday thief seeing it at the end of your driveway and trying to break down the boxes. So remind your parents to lock up, don't put stuff on social media, and don't leave things with names outside.
     Fire hazards happen from two main things, Christmas trees and cooking. Christmas tree fires can be very devastating for what is normally bringing such joy to so many families. Some have live Christmas trees and if you do make sure it has water everyday, also make sure there are no breaks or exposed wires in your lights. Cooking hazards are also big around this time of the year too, so be carful when cooking. If you plan on having food like fried turkey, cook it outside because a fried house is something no one wants on the menu.
     Some people like to travel for the holidays, and that is fun but make sure you have someone you trust looking after your house. To make sure nobody gets in your house, don't post anything about it until you get home. If you plan on receiving something in the mail to your house from an online store, make sure you request a signature confirmation or get a trusted friend or neighbor to hold it for you until you got home from vacation.
     When you are not home, leaving the lights on is key to not having some person break into your house and at night make sure you have a light on outside before you go to bed to make it look like someone is home. Also, if you plan to put up lights, make sure you don't plug it up in the garage because a thief might try and come in that way because he sees the cord under the garage door. Also, don't plug up lights through an extension cord out of a window because then the window is not shut or locked, so he could push it up.
     In conclusion, I hope you learned ways on how to be safe during the holiday season. Remember safety is very important. Happy holidays to everyone!
San Francisco
Harrison Outlaw, 7th Grade Reporter

San Francisco is a city in California that hosted the 2019 College Football National Championship. San Francisco is on the San Francisco Bay and has many places to site see. Some of those places include Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Muir Woods, and The Golden Gate Bridge.


The 2019 College Football National Championship was played by the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Clemson Tigers became the College Football National Champions for the 2018 football season. Clemson out played Alabama for the big title. The Tigers defeated the Crimson Tide forty-four to sixteen.


            Alcatraz is an island in the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz was a lighthouse, military fortification, military prison, and federal prison until 1963. Now it is a major tourist destination in San Francisco. You can attend tours of Alcatraz at any time of the day. Most of the tours for Alcatraz start at Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is a commercial zone in San Francisco and Pier 39 is at Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s wharf has many shops and has many places to eat. (Wikipedia)


            The Golden Gate Bridge was established on the twenty-eighth of May in 1937. In the Bridge eighty-three thousand tons of structural steel was used and eighty thousand miles was the total length of wire used in main cables. To get from San Francisco to the Muir Woods you would go over the Golden Gate Bridge. The Muir Woods has hundred-foot red wood trees. (Golden Gate Bridge Visitors Center)


            San Francisco is a great place to visit in California with amazing places to tour all over the city. The Golden Gate Bridge is a magnificent place to explore while visiting. The National Championship was a great football game.

 Fall Holidays
By: Davis Tucker, 7th Grade Reporter 

          Fall is a time for fun, family, and togetherness. The leaves change colors, children go to the pumpkin patch, and mothers and grandmothers make some of the most delicious food that you have ever tasted. The holiday season brings wonderful traditions and family gatherings.

          Halloween- Halloween is every year on October 31st. The origins of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtics when they celebrated the harvest and the end of summer. They believed that winter was an evil spirit that brought cold and despair. The Celtics believed that on October 31st, the ghosts of the dead would come and cause trouble such as damaging crops. Later, in 609 AD, Pope Boniface IV declared November 1st to be All Saints Day and October 31st became All Hallows Eve which was later shortened to Halloween. The celebration of Halloween eventually came to America and Americans started their own customs such as dressing up, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating. Those traditions live on today.

          Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving started in the 17th century in 1620 when a ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England carrying 102 passengers. Most of the passengers were pilgrims who left religious persecution in England. They wanted to find a new life in America, so they could worship freely. Other passengers on the ship were sailors and crew who helped navigate the Mayflower. The journey was long and treacherous as they all sailed across the Atlantic. For 66 days the pilgrims battled storms, sickness, and damage to the Mayflower that may have sent then back to England. Finally, the pilgrims made it to America on the tip of Cape Cod Massachusetts, where they made a settlement called Plymouth. The first winter in Plymouth was hard on the pilgrims. Many people were getting sick and dying, food was scarce, and shelter was not complete and livable. The next spring, only half of the original population on the Mayflower were left. The ones who did make it tried to grow the little settlement that they started the previous fall. Then one day, the pilgrims were visited by a Native American named Squanto. Squanto was very friendly and taught the pilgrims how to plant corn, catch fish, and grow pumpkins. That fall, the pilgrims had a bountiful harvest full of food. The pilgrims were very thankful for Squanto’s help and they invited him and his tribe to a great feast. The pilgrims and Native Americans came together and ate for 3 days with food leftover afterward. The first Thanksgiving is a great symbol of how to come together in peace and flourish and thrive. Thanksgiving today is also a time of togetherness where family and friends enjoy a great meal like the one 200 years ago.

          Fall holidays are a wonderful time of tradition, family, friends, and fellowship.

The History of Thanksgiving
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
     Thanksgiving is the time of the year when families come together, eat a meal, and enjoy spending time with each other.
     Thanksgiving is on the third Thursday in November.  The first ever Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was then that the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared a harvest feast.
     In 1620, a ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England carrying a little over one hundred passengers.  They sought out a new home where they could have religious freedom.  After a long trip that lasted sixty-six days, they found land near Cape Cod.  One month later, they crossed the Massachusetts Bay and they began building their town.
     During the first winter, many people died due to exposure and diseases.  Half of the Mayflower's passengers lived until the Spring.  When they moved ashore they received a surprising greeting from an Abenaki Native American who spoke English.  A few days later, he ventured with Squanto who was a part of the Pawtuxet tribe.  
     Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to use land for corn, get sap from maple trees, catch fish, and which plants were poisonous. Squanto also helped form an alliance with the Wampanoag Tribe.  In November 1621, the governor organized a feast and invited their Native American allies.  It lasted for three days.
     The Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving feast in 1623.  During the American Revolution the Continental Congress assigned one of more days of Thanksgiving a year.  In 1789, George Washington assigned the first Thanksgiving celebration by the national government of the United States.  In 1817, New York was the one of the first states to adopt an annual Thanksgiving holiday.  Abraham Lincoln finally accepted the request in 1863 and he scheduled Thanksgiving for the fourth Thursday in November.  In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week to try to encourage retail sales during the Great Depression. In 1941, the President signed a bill making Thanksgiving the third Thursday in November. 
     In conclusion, Thanksgiving is a historic holiday celebrated for the peace between Pilgrims and Native Americans.