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New Heights Middle picture day is September 24 in the art room. 8th graders are encouraged to dress up regardless if a package is purchased or not. 6th and 7th graders can dress down if a package is purchased.


           BY: Wyatt M Foard


                    Legos are just little pieces of plastic and, even though they may look childish, these building blocks can help you unlock a creative mind set. Building with Legos can teach people how to follow instructions and build whatever their mind wants. I love to build architecture Legos, which depict famous buildings from around the world. When I am building a new project, it is just me and the blocks in my mind and it allows me to escape schoolwork and my chores at home.

                   Legos were established in 1949 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Before he made Legos, Mr. Christiansen was a carpenter who made toys out of wood. The famous name of the Lego company came from the words Leg Godt which means “play well” in Danish. The reason Mr. Christiansen started making wood toys is when the Great Depression started, he wanted to start building houses but quickly changing his mind he started making wooded toys. In 1947 Mr. Christiansen purchased a Moulding machine which he used to start mass produces the plastic self-locking building blocks.

               Legos took a downward turn in 1993. The patent for the design (the design was the circles that on the bottom on Legos to make sturdy and keep the Legos together) went out of date this means that rival companies were able to copy the Lego bricks. At the same time, Lego slumped because this was the era of video games, so Lego lost even more income due to kids wanting to play video games instead of playing with Lego bricks. Eventually, Lego has survived by developing sets that appeal to kids based on a wide range of interests from superheroes to buildings and pop culture.

               I love Legos and I have been building them since I was 5 or 6 years old. I have built some hard but cool Legos. I have built the entire Architecture and some Creator Legos. These are the hardest kinds of Legos to build. The biggest Lego that I have ever built was around 2516 pieces and it took me about 11 hours to build, but I do not regret a moment of the time I have spent on this hobby. The average project I work on takes about 5 to 6 hours. When I build a Lego, it is not just putting colorful bricks on top of each other. To me, it is like slowly building the Empire State Building (which I have built a model of), and it makes me feel like I am doing something that will help me with future skills.

               Even though Legos look childish, it does not mean all ages cannot have fun with them. I recommend that everyone try them because there is a Lego set for every kid or adult.