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My Great Grandpa Bill
By: Jeffrey Buice
My great Grandpa Bill was a really, really cool person. He was in the Army and worked all the way up to becoming a MP (Military Policeman).
He always had amazing stories from when he was a MP. I remember one story where one of the soldiers tried to run away from the base (going AWOL) and Grandpa Bill raised his rifle up and shot the heel off of the soldier's boot, but the thing is, he didn't even hurt the soldier!
After he got out of the Army he had an injury where he was blind in one eye and had tunnel vision in the other. He always said that he didn't want to completely lose his sight before he died.
When he got settled into his house he wouldn't have many visitors except Aunt Cherl's family, Uncle William's family, and our family. Grandpa Bill loved to fish. Before he lose his sight in one eye, he always took me and my Grandpa on fishing trips.
Sadly, on November 8, 2022 he passed away in a nursing home. I didn't get to see him before he died but I always have the fun memories with him.
School Shootings 
By: Lyric Davis
Imagine, you are at school doing your work and suddenly you hear gun shots and screams. Your not sure of what to do, or what's going on then this is just for you. School shootings are scary, and sadly, are very common. You never know when one is going to happen and you can never be prepared enough for a life threatening experience.
Like I said school shootings are very common. So common that there has been 167 school shootings since 2018 alone. There have been more school shootings in 2022 since 1999. However, there were 93 school shootings in 2022-23, 43 of them with deaths. The other 50 with injuries. One of the worst recent and intense school shootings were Ulvade, Texas killing 21 people and injuring 17 others. This is to be known as the 3rd deadliest school shooting recorded in U.S history. 
Active shooter situations are unpredictable and individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation using RUN, HIDE, and FIGHT.
RUN - once there is an active threat and your safe call 911.
HIDE - If escape is not possible hide.
1. Block the door.
2. Avoid windows
3. Silence your cell phone.
FIGHT - only as a last resort and if your life is in danger.
If you are unclear of your school's procedures. Ask your principal, teacher, and/or any staff member. 

Going to camp this summer

 By: Alyssa Brock

       In this article I am going to tell you about some of the things that I did while I was at MaxOut Discipleship Camp in July this summer.


            First, when I got there I noticed that there were different routes that you could take. When we were just sitting there waiting in the car, I said let's take this path. Then, when we went down that path, we were able to help some people unload their cars. I went over to the other side of the kitchen which was where we were unloading at and I saw a lot of horses so I got a chance to pet one of them. Then, the next thing you know they are calling out ‘’Does anyone want to ride a horse if so come to the barn’’.


            Secondly, I went and played a game called carpet ball. The table is kind of like a pool table but skinnier. You use the same pool balls as you would if you were actually playing pool. However, the objective of the game is to get all of the other player’s”balls into your holes. You also have to play the game with your bare hands; you do not use the pool sticks. I won the tournament that we had and that was my first time playing it.


            Next, I went paddle boating out in the lake. I almost fell off because there were two people riding and the weight was not the same on each side. I went very far out in the lake and then the paddle boat got stuck on a lot of moss. They had more than one paddle boat so the other paddle boat had to try and get us off of the moss.


            Then, I went and played a game called shaving cream wiffle ball. It is kind of like baseball but you use shaving cream and then there is a slipping slide that you run on and then you fall in a little swimming pool. The game overall was the funnest thing that I did down there.


            Last but not least, They have a thing called Polar Bear. The game is that when they say ‘’polar bear’’, you go and jump into a big pool. Then we will have to see which team can get back to the game square the fastest. That was not that fun because the water was pretty cold.


            In conclusion, I hope that you like my article about Camp. Overall I had a really good time.


           Different types of animals

Dula Lopez


Blue whales aren’t just the #1 largest mammals to live in the sea, but they are also the largest on PLANETTT!!!. Blue whales can live up to 80-90 years, they can weight up to 330,000 pounds, and their maximum length is of around 80 feets, females are usually larger in length, usually around 75-79 ft, meanwhile males are from 66-69 feets. 

Fun fact: the longest blue whale ever measured was 111 feet long.

The most popular thing for a blue whale to eat is krill, but they can also eat many other different things, like copepods, fish, plankton, or crustaceans that are floating on the ocean. Can blue whales be eaten?The answer is YESSS!!!Blue whales can be eaten by “orcas' ', they usually only attack claves, and not adults, obviously an adult blue whale is 2-3 times bigger than calves, they are usually around 20-23 feets long. A female blue whale gives birth every 2-3 years, and only 1 calve per time, calves usually weigh from 5,000- 6,000 pounds, blue whales produce 50 gallons of milk a day.

Birds- The largest bird ever existed yet is a common ostrich.Ostriches have their own made dict, which means that they eat a lot of types of plants, including leafy greens, flowering plants, and succulents. An ostrich can live for around 30-40 years, measure up to 9 feets tall, and weigh around 250-300 pounds. An ostrich lays 80-160 eggs per season, and each egg weighs around 700 to 1500 g. Population raises ostriches, for their meat, they can earn a living by selling their meat, and ostrich meat is more expensive than most of all the meats.

Octopus-  octopus are one of the most popular invertebrates animals, that can also be eaten. Octopus are an 8 armed species. Examples: The veined octopus, the O. vulgaris, and the Giant Pacific Octopus. The Giant Pacific Octopus has an arm span of almost 30 feet. Adult octopuses eat crabs, small fishes, snails, clams, and also other octopuses, and they often hunt at night. Newly hatched octopuses eat mostly small foods, like sea stars, copepods, and larval crabs.

Reptiles-Lizards are the most popular reptiles.Some people might think that lizards mostly live in the water, which they really don’t, they spend time on water, but they are most likely to be found in dry deserts, in trees, and plants. Lizards are most likely to only live for about 5 years, but they can live up to the triple, in some very small towns lizards can hunt, to either get selled or EATEN!!!. A large adult lizard can weigh up to 155 pounds, and around 3 meters/ 10 feets. Lizards are not so expensive animals, they can cost from $15 to $150, and can be used as pets.

Amphibians-Frogs are the most popular amphibians. Frogs can be found everywhere, mostly in humid places.

Weird fact; I’m not scared of frogs, but I don’t like seeing them AT ALL!. Most of the frogs are very little in size, the largest frogs are only 1 foot, and weigh up to 3.25 kilograms. Frogs lay their eggs in water, and they lay approximately 80 eggs, and only once a tear

Class Field Trip

By: Sam Deese

Last Friday, I was able to go on a field trip with my classmates to AO Smith. AO Smith is the biggest water heating and cooling company in North America. This was such a fun time because I had not been on a field trip with my classmates since the 3rd grade. Also, I learned a lot. We were split into groups and then went to different stations and learned all about the job opportunities they had there. They had jobs like welding, 3D printing, all kinds of engineering, and many more. I could definitely see why someone would want to work there.

The first station my group went to was a problem solution station. We had a tennis ball and all nine people had to touch it but the person next to you couldn't touch it right after you so that made it much more challenging. The goal of the game was to get the lowest time for all of the people to touch it. We had a time limit to solve all of the problems we faced and we ended up getting four seconds which wasn’t the best but was better than most groups.

The next station was by far my favorite, although I probably only say this because I had tied the highest score for the day, it was still really fun. It was welding! It was so much fun, we got to put on a VR headset and we held a replica of a welding gun and welded in the VR. Also the medal you were “welding”, was there in real life so it really felt real. Another reason it was my favorite station was because the guys in there were so cool, nice, & talkative to my group. 

Another station that I really enjoyed was one where we got to ride around the warehouse on a golf cart. I liked this one because it was really cool riding around and seeing people welding and programming and building the coolers/warmers. I also didn’t truly realize how big the warehouse was until we did this, there were hundreds of people working on these machines. A plus for the ride was that the driver was really funny so that was fun.

Lastly, my last station is where I played tic tac toe against a robot. It was crazy that it could do what it was doing. Which, I'm not going to lie, it wasn’t the best or unbeatable by any means, but I’m not going to criticize it, I could never build a robot. My favorite part about this station though was that whenever you won or lost it either celebrated, or it was sad which I thought was really cool.

Finally, they fed us some really good food and a good cookie and then we rode home. I think AO Smith was a really cool workplace. I enjoyed going on a field trip with my classmates and I hope I get to go again.


By: Rayson Funderburk
Football is a very popular sport in America. Over 17.1 million people watch football every week.
I chose this topic because I play football for New Heights.
Football was invented in November of 1869 by William Webb Ellis. The first football game was
between two colleges called Rutger and Princeton. Football was started as a spin off of British
football (soccer) and has grown a lot.
Football is played on a field that is 100 yards long and about 50 yards wide. Then has 10 yard
end zones where touchdowns are scored, with a goal post that the football is kicked through for
an extra point. Football is played with 11 people from each team so in total there are 22 people
on the field at once. There are many different positions on a football team. I play center. The
play starts when I snap the ball. But there are 23 more positions that are all important.
When people think about football lots of people think about the NFL (National Football League) .
The NFL was invented in 1920 by Walter Camp. There are 32 teams in the NFL. Every year the
2 best teams in the NFL will play in the Super Bowl which is watched by over 113 million people.
In conclusion Football is an amazing sport. It is watched by millions of people every year. This is
my article about Football.
By: Rayson Funderburk


Lyric Davis

Elephants have many great qualities and are very gentle and wise animals.Elephants are known to be one of the largest land animals,the average elephant weighs about 14,000 lb for males and 8,000 lb for females,andalso a magnificent sight to see.Elephants symbolize strength,good fortune,wisdom,stability and love.Elephants are very complex creatures with emotions,self awareness and compassion.

Elephants are very smart animals.They have the largest brain of any other land animal and are considered one of the worlds most intelligent animals.People know elephants are smart because of their ability to remember things like a route to a water holes over long distances of time and/or space,they mourn deaths,they have empathy,they can read human body language,they can use human tools and mimic human voices.  

There are a lot of things an elephant's trunk can do like drink water,spray water,blow air and store water. An elephant's trunk is almost like a human's hand. They can lift things,pull things apart,and to explore things.An elephant's trunk is also compared to a human tongue because of its ability to stretch much like an octopus and squid tentacles.A elephant's trunk is also used to caress each other.

Interesting facts 

Some interesting facts about elephants are…. 

  • They communicate by vibrations 

  • Their tusks are their teeth 

  • Worlds largest land animal 

  • They are constantly eating 

  • You can tell an animals species by their ears

  • An african elephants can grow up to almost a story tall 

  • A female elephant is called a cow 

Elephants have a stomach consisting of mainly plants.That makes them herbivores.They eat grass,leaves,fruits,shrubs and roots.An elephants stomach is to mainly act as a storage site for all of the foods that they consume.Elephants do not digest their food very well due to the variety of foods they eat (330-375 lb a day) they spend  almost 80% of their day eating. 

Drop Shipping

Kingston Jackson


Drop shipping is a business model where you sell products without keeping them in stock.

 When a customer places an order, you forward it to a supplier or manufacturer who fulfills and ships the product directly to the customer.

 This means you don't have to worry about inventory management or shipping logistics.

It's a popular choice for online entrepreneurs because it requires lower upfront costs compared to traditional retail.

 You can set up an online store and start selling products without having to invest in inventory. With drop se them.

hipping, you can offer a wide range of products without having to physically handle It allows you to focus on marketing and customer service, which are crucial for success. However, it's important to research and choose reliable suppliers who can consistently deliver quality products. Finding profitable products and niches is key to standing out in a competitive market.

Building a strong brand and providing excellent customer service can help you succeed in drop shipping.

 It's important to establish clear communication with your suppliers to ensure smooth order fulfillment. You may face challenges like longer shipping times and potential stockouts, so managing customer expectations is crucial.

 Drop shipping can be a flexible business model that allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. It's important to continually optimize your website, marketing strategies, and product selection to stay competitive. Many e-commerce platforms and tools offer integrations and resources specifically designed for drop shipping businesses.

 It's essential to stay up to date with industry trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

 Remember, success in drop shipping requires dedication, research, and a commitment to providing value to your customers.

 My School Year so far

Kelsi Brock

In the following paragraphs I will tell you about each of my teachers. I first have Mrs. Miller, Dr. Bellamy/ Mrs. Milito, Mrs. Wiley/ virtual teacher, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Covington, And last but not least Mrs. Medlin. I am enjoying my school year so far but I may be going virtual. I would like to go virtual but my sister will not let us go virtual. Here are my teachers.

First, I have Mrs. Miller. She is my elective teacher, she teaches Typing and savings. I am very good at typing, she is also very nice and helps you if you get confused. I am doing very well in her class. I really like her as my elective teacher. She is very good at her job. She is my first and second class period.

Second, I have Dr. Bellamy and Mrs. Milito. Dr. Bellamy is a substitute teacher who watches the class while we are in a virtual class. The virtual teacher is Mrs. Milito. She is a very nice teacher. But it is kind of hard to learn when she is all the way in West Virginia. But I do have a good grade in her class. They are my 3rd class period ELA teacher.

The third class I have is Mrs. Wiley and a Virtual Teacher. Mrs. Wiley is a substitute teacher who watches the class when we are in a virtual class. I will have a virtual teacher starting soon. Mrs. Wiley is a very good teacher. I do not have a grade for social studies but I am pretty sure I have a good grade because I turn in all of my work. They are my 4th class period social studies teacher.

The fourth class I have is Mrs. Newman. She is my math teacher. Although she is not a virtual teacher she is thinking about going virtual. Which will be very hard on some students in my class. I have a good grade in her class as well but she is very strict. She is my 5th period class teacher.

Lastly, I have Mrs. Covington. She is my 6th period science teacher. She is not virtual and hopefully not planning on it. I have a good grade in her class. I really like her as a teacher. And I really like Mrs.Medlin as my teacher.

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Annular Eclipse
By: Jeffrey Buice
On October 14, 2023, there was an event that really is more of a phenomena than an event. This was the day that the "Ring of Fire" Annular Eclipse occurred.
The Eclipse was very VERY rare because we won't see it another "Ring of Fire" eclipse in our lifetime. NASA is predicting that the next "Ring of Fire" Eclipse will happen in the next 100-200 years. So, we won't see it again.
I got to experience this Phenomena on T.V because it was WAY too cloudy to see the eclipse. Also the path where it was "going over" wasn't near us, so either way we wouldn't have seen it.
This Phenomena/Eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon, And Sun line up. the difference between this and a normal eclipse is that the Sun is just right to where the moon will only cover up 90% of the sun. Therefor it makes the "Ring of Fire" effect.
In Conclusion, The Annular, "Ring of Fire" eclipse is a strange and cool phenomena that was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I love science and I also love learning about strange mysteries and events. Its pretty cool to know that I can tell my children about the "Ring of Fire" eclipse, but they won't see it.
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