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By Alyssa Brock 


Today I want to tell you about several dogs that I have in my life. 

First, my grandma has a dog, and she named him Wallie. Wallie is a grayish blue color, and always has a smile on his face. Wallie has one unique thing that I think is weird about him. He used to only eat cat food instead of dog food. He is a Pitbull, but he is sweet. Whenever I can go over to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, I always play with him. He loves to play outside and break up sticks on the driveway. 

Second, I have a dog named Champ.  His name is that because we all think that my dad is the champion of drag racing, and he is the only other boy in our family.  My dog is also grayish blue in color. He is a Pitbull just like Wallie. My dog is a little wild and rambunctious. He loves to run around outside. Every day, my dad must go outside and feed him. He can be hard to get back in his kennel because sometimes he does not like to listen to my dad. 

Third, my other grandparents, Granny and Pap, have three dogs. Their names are Sheldon, and Redford. They are very loving dogs. Redford was found on a street in Indian Trail, where they live, and no one claimed that it was their dog. Since no one claimed him, Granny and Pap adopted him. Sheldon and Sophie are siblings but are complete opposites. Sheldon loves to lay around, and Sophie is more playful. All three dogs are very loud and will bark extremely loud whenever a car goes by their house. The dogs get walked every morning and night normally by my grandpa.  

Fourth, my aunt and uncle, Tinisha and Jared, have two dogs named Rocky and Bella. They are Labrador Retrievers and are siblings. Rocky loves people to play fetch with him. He is so happy if someone is throwing his ball. Bella, on the other hand, likes to just lay around. Both dogs always listen to my aunt when she calls them in. They are very well-behaved dogs.  

In conclusion, these are all the dogs in my family's lives. They all have some unique characteristics about them. I really enjoy it when I can spend time with each of these dogs.  

D.A.R.T Spacecraft
By: Jeffrey Buice
The D.A.R.T Spacecraft is the first step into NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Technique program,  D.A.R.T for short.  D.A.R.T made impact with the asteroid Dimorphos on September 26, 2022.  NASA was testing out a new idea, Asteroid Redirection , this was the first ever idea of redirecting an asteroid that NASA has had.
The D.A.R.T Spacecraft cost $324.5 million to build and it took 10 months and 1 day to complete it.  Many people thought it was weird that NASA would crash a multi-million dollar spacecraft into an asteroid, this was a giant science experiment basically, this was revolutionary for the future of NASA, as well as the future of Asteroid Redirection Techniques.
The D.A.R.T spacecraft impacted the asteroid at 7:14 p.m.. I'm just going to say this mission REALLY amazed me!  It has been confirmed that the D.A.R.T mission was a success.  When the spacecraft hit the asteroid, it did actually set the asteroid off course.  This means that if a asteroid was out there and it was posing a real threat to Earth, NASA could redirect it and potentially save millions of lives!
Overall, the D.A.R.T mission was "One Giant Leap" for NASA's Asteroid Redirection Program.  I hope the information gathered can help in the future of NASA.

Cross County

Wyatt Foard


Cross country is the sport at which you run long distances in short amounts of time. This sport was first introduced in the early 19th century. The first actual cross country meet was held in 1898. The fastest cross country runner is Dathan Ritzenhein who holds many records for running long distances. Read along to understand more about this sport and how hard it actually is.

Cross country is a sport at which athletics run in harsh conditions to run long distances to win as an individual or to score points for their team. As the sport can be a team or individual sport it is usually used as a team sport because there are a lot more people running it than people thought( I don’t know why they are). The way that you can win meets or games for cross country is by trying to score the least amount of points for your team. Like for example if your team gets the first five spots then you have got a perfect score of 15. Only your first 5 runners count for points but if you are tied with another team they will go to your 6th runner and be scored from there.

The different levels of the sport are that you run different distances like if you are a little kid you might just run a mile. As a middle schooler you run 2 miles but if you run for the high school teams they all must run 3.1 miles and there are greater distances such as the half marathon which is about 13 miles the full marathon that is 26 miles. The fastest person to ever run a marathon is Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge. You set the time of 2:01:09. By doing this he set the new record and his former record that he held as the fastest marathon runner. 

I myself run this sport and before I started I thought I could run but now that I do. I can look back and think I was really slow. The things that cross country has taught me is that this sport is not like baseball or basketball where you have your bad days and then days that you are the best ever in cross country if you put in the work you will get better every time. Even though you want to quit every day at practice you motivate yourself by knowing that you have come this far and fought too much to just quit halfway through the season. Even if you do not like running that much in cross country you get to see a lot of things you never really thought about looking at or you get time to think about life itself. It may be a hard working sport you get to relax and think about a lot in the process.

If you ever think that you could be good at running, go try it to meet awesome people and make great friends. You will learn many life lessons along the way and you can become a great runner even if you are not good at try the sport even if it is not very popular or people are like “ why do you just run that's boring” Show them it is not boring and can be reeling fun.




Hispanic Heritage Month

Blaire Butler, Editor


Hispanic Heritage Month is to honor the freedom of the countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, Mexico, and chile. Many other countries broke away as well, and to celebrate this freedom, we celebrate September 15-October 15. President Lyndon Johnson issued “Hespanic Heritage Week” and President Ronald Reagan expanded it to a 30 day period. 


This holiday is celebrated in honor of US Latin americans. Many Latin Americans are celebrated like Ceaser Chavez, Selena Quintanilla Perze, Mariano Rivera, and many other hispanics around the world. In 1968 George E. Brown, a California Congressman representing areas heavily populated by the Hiaspanic Latinx communities , pushed to recognize the multicultural identities in the United States. Brown worked hard for a year and congress passed a bill that authorized the President proclamation designating the week that includes september 15 and 16 to Hispsnic Heritage Week. 


Someone who stood up for Hispanic lives was Ceaser Chaves, he was a labor leader and a civil rights activist. He dedicated his life's work to the cause (or la causa): the struggle of farm workers in the United States to improve their working conditions and pay. Some of Chaves accomplishments is establishing minimum wage standards, wage contracts, safer working conditions, child labor reform, and advancement in civil rights for Chicanos and other farm workers. Ceaser Chaves died on April 21, 1993.


Hispanic Heritage Month is important all across the world. The roots to hispanic culture run deep through America to help build our country through agriculture and some much more. Hispanic culture still struggles to get through america and some latin countries are unsafe to this day so helping new people come into america is saving others. Hispanic Heritage month appreciates the early Spanish explorers and settlers who came to America. 


The Weeknd

By: Kimberly Duran


Canadian singer, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye known as The Weeknd. The Weeknd is known for his songs, acting, being a songwriter, and being a record producer. He was born on February 16, 1990 in Toronto, Canada.

     He started with his career in 2009 but began uploading his music on YouTube in 2010. The song, What you Need, which was created by the Producer Jeremy Rose, drew the attention of many listeners  and even celebrities. This was the time that his career began. He took his career with his own hands from the very top beginning. 

He released his debut mixtape, House of Balloons, on March 21, g 2011. He worked with several influential producers in Canada and then embarked on a tour of the local area. Drake was in attendance at his first appearance, and the two of them worked together soon after.

The Weeknd also broke into mainstream radio with a number one single. In subsequent years, The Weeknd created many hit songs, he also became the first male artist to hold the top three spots on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart at the same time. His major break into mainstream Top 40 radio came with “Starboy”. This hit from his third studio album of the same name made The Weeknd one of the most talked-about stars of the summer. 

He also continues to stay in the spotlight for his music. The Weeknd is one of the biggest current stars in popular music. He rose from online anonymity to Top 40 hits by maintaining control of his own career. He consistently makes hit songs that lead to his overall success. 

Michael Harris II

Samuel Jay Deese


Who is Michael Harris II?

Michael Harris II is a professional baseball player who plays for the Braves in the MLB. He is only 21 years old and is already making his spot in the league. He wears the number 23 and plays center field. He is a very interesting player and at such a young age he is already majorly recognized in the MLB.


Early Life

Michael Harris II was born in DeKalb, Georgia on March 7, 2001. He was born to Michael Harris Sr. and La Taucha Harris. He also has a sister named Mikayla. Harris attended Stockbridge High School in Stockbridge. When he played in high school, he was so good that he got drafted into the minor leagues before he even went to college. 


Minor Leagues

Harris was drafted to the Rome Braves in the third round of the 2019 draft. He signed with the Braves for a bonus of $548,000 dollars completely skipping college baseball. Before going to the Rome Braves, he had to play for the Gulf Coast Braves before being promoted to them.


Making a Name

With over 53 games played between the two teams, he battled .277/.344/.393 batting average with 2 home runs and 27 runs batted in in 2019. Due to Covid-19 he did not play during the 2020 season. In 2021 the official Braves MLB team invited Harris to their spring training. He was invited to the Mississippi Braves where he destroyed the competition with .305/.372/.506 batting average with five home runs, 33 runs batted in, and 11 stolen bases. Harris made himself the number one Braves prospect.


Atlanta Braves

On May 28, 2022, Harris was selected by the Atlanta Braves. He made his Major League debut later that same day against the Miami Marlins. Although, he did strike out on his first at-bat. But, he went on to get his first hit and scored a run in that same game. Just three days later he went on to bat in his first runner. And on June 13 against the Washington Nationals, he hit his first MLB home run. In the month of June, he went on to have 35 hits, 13 of them being extra base hits, he stole four bases, and won the Rookie of the Month Award. On August 17, the Braves and Harris agreed to an 8 year contract extension worth at least $72 million.

My Favorite Sport

Jackson Kingston

My favorite sport is Baseball. Baseball is a really fun sport because it’s exciting and competitive. I'm pretty decent at baseball in my opinion. Also, baseball is statistically one of the hardest sports to play. I like baseball because I get to play with my friends. If you're really good at baseball you could make a lot of money playing in the MLB. The MLB stands for Major League Baseball. The MLB is literally older people playing the game that mostly everybody loves.

I’ve been playing baseball for  11 and ½ years and I've never given up on it. I’ve played travel baseball, rec league ball, and I’m starting to play school baseball this year. I’m hoping to start with a new travel ball team called the Carolina Diamondbacks. The Carolina Diamondbacks are a 14u team, and they are pretty good so I hope I make their team.

My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. I’ve always liked them for as long as I could remember. The Cubs aren’t really too good right now but they’ll get better. I hope to go to Chicago to see the play one day. Last year, my family went to see the Atlanta Braves play and it was so exciting. We saw Home Runs hit by Freddie Freeman and other Braves players. They won 9-0 and it was one of the best times I ever had.