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8th Grade Team:
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7th Grade Team:
Hailey Savage, Reporter
Davis Tucker, Reporter
Harrison Outlaw, Reporter
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
 The News Team is now operating a school supply store. Members of the News Team will be outside of Mrs. Medlin's door in the mornings after breakfast. Pencils start at .10, mechanical pencils start at .50. We also have notebook paper and lead for the mechanical pencils. 
What I Learned at New Heights
Garrett Deese- Editor
During my three years at New Heights Middle School, I have learned many things. Three of the most important things are to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as you can, sign up for the Early Release Bible Program, and to always treat everyone with respect, especially staff.
Participating in extra-curricular activities has many advantages.  Your learning environment is expanded, and you have the opportunity to get to know faculty and students in a different way. When applying for colleges, it is important to show that you are capable of achieving good grades as well as take part in leadership organizations and/or sports.  I have played football and baseball in 7th and 8th grades.  I am a FCA member, Yearbook Staff member serve as Editor on the News and Production team, and am currently Beta Club President and Student Council President.  All of these activities do require a lot of time and work, but the reward has been worth much more.
The Early Release Bible Program is an amazing opportunity for New Heights students.  It is held at a nearby church where you are taught about our Savior and learn more from the Bible.  The volunteers that run this program are some of the nicest and most caring people that you will ever meet.  This program can actually change your life.
The word "respect" can be defined as treating someone with appreciation.  As I have grown during my years at NHMS, I have learned just how important this truly is.  Every staff member in our school works hard in the position they hold.  They work hard for US, the students.  I truly believe that each member of the NHMS faculty wants every student to succeed.  We, as the students, should also want that for each other. Not only should we treat the staff with respect, but also our fellow students.  When respect is shown to others you will most likely be shown respect in return.
In closing, I would like to say, "Thank You!" Thank you New Heights Middle School, for the lessons I have been taught; Lessons that were learned outside of the walls of the classroom. Athletic opportunities, organizations, and the support and guidance of faculty that give of their knowledge and time to provide me with experiences that I will never forget.
The Hawks News Team
Lizzie Outlaw- Reporter, Asst. Editor
My time at New Heights Middle School is coming to an end.  There have been a lot of things that have made my time here memorable but the Hawks News Team was by far one of the best.  I have learned so much new stuff while on the team.
One of my favorite parts of the News Team is production.  I love going on camera and doing the behind the scenes stuff.  I have got to work with technology that I wouldn't have usually worked with.  Also I have got to go on camera. going on camera is like no experience I have ever had.  You get this feeling that makes you feel important.  Production team was such a fun part of the Hawks News Team.
Another part I really enjoyed was writing articles.  I also got to be the assistant editor this year.  I really enjoyed it.  Writing articles has really strengthened my writing abilities too.  It is also fun to write about whatever I feel like writing about and not being assigned something.  I will being being the assistant editor and writing articles.
I also want to thank Mrs. Medlin and Mrs. Brock. Without them none of what I have been writing about would be possible.  They do so much to make it all possible.  I am so thankful for them because without them I wouldn't have some of my best middle school memories.  Thank you Mrs. Medlin and Mrs. Brock.
I am going to really to miss the Hawks News Team next year. It has truly been one of my favorite parts of middle school.  I hope the Hawks News Team has another amazing year in 2018-2019.
Written by: Emonyia Baker, Reporter
By: Blair Kirkley, Reporter
    In summer you get to enjoy warm weather, and getting a break from school. My summer normally consists of me going different places, hanging out with friends, and sleeping in. Summer is most definitely my favorite time of the year. This summer I have many plans.
     My first thing and favorite thing I will do this summer is go to Lake Wateree. I absolutely love going to the lake and spending time with my family. The lake is where I go to relax. I love riding my jet ski up to one end of the lake to the other end of the lake. This is also where I go to hang out with friends and family. I like to take people with me when I go because it makes it a lot more fun. I really look forward to the hot, sunny days at Lake Wateree.
     Also my family goes to the beach. We normally go with most of my dad's side of the family. We stay at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach SC. A good bit of my friends and family go down the same week we do, so it ends up being a ton of fun. We go to the pool, ocean, and we like to just ride around on the golf cart. We are also taking another beach trip to Lakewood in Myrtle Beach with my church. This is something I have never done before but I am sure it will be a lot of fun. I am so glad that I am able to do these beach trips with my friends and family.
     Lastly I am looking forward to summer just because it is a time for me to relax, hand out with friends, and not stress about grades. A lot of times in summer my brother and I like to have pool parties so we can hangout with our friends, that we many not get to see a lot in the summer. Summer is just a great time for me to sit by the pool and not worry about anything. I look forward to that so much.
     I can't wait until summer gets here. I love going places and hanging out with people. Even though I don't get to see all of my school friends during the summer, I still have a good time. I hope everyone has a great summer vacation. 
8th Grade
Chloe McMillan - Reporter\ Production
     8th grade has been a great year, it will also be my last year. Some events that I enjoyed were: Carowinds trip, Beta club trip, and the all A's trip. I also enjoyed being in clubs/sports like: News Team, FCA, Bets club, Student council, Yearbook staff, and softball!
      NHMS student council went to Carowinds for an event that took place. I am the treasurer for student council. I liked the presentation they had and I like hanging around my friends.
     NHMS beta club went to the beach for a beta club convention. I am the chaplain for beta club. I competed in the jewelry competition , NHMS didn't place in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place but we had fun.
     NHMS all A's trip was a reward for those students who make all A's for that nine weeks. We went to the Ball Theater in Pageland to watch Coco. I had a great time with friends and relax for a day!
     The other clubs/sports: News Team, FCA, Yearbook staff, and softball were also really fun! I'm going to miss the News Team because I love to do all of the things you get to do on the team. I am also gonna miss the people from News Team. I am the editor for the yearbook, this was a lot of fun. FCA is an event for anybody after school, it is fun and you can feel safe because no one will judge you. Last but not least is softball. I played second base, I loved all the people on the team and I'm going to miss them!
     In conclusion, 8th grade has been fun, scary, exciting, and great. I am going to miss most of my teachers. NHMS has made this year go wonderfully!
A Garden or not?
By: Madison Champagne 
Have you ever eaten any type of fruit or vegetable?  You most likely have, and I hope you know where those things come from.  If you don't, it is called a farm or, in smaller cases, a garden.  Now as you know New Heights does not have a garden, but if you ask me, I believe a school garden would be a great idea.  Plus, I don't just mean New Heights, this goes for all schools and grade levels.
Having a garden gets students to build character and become better people.  Having a garden as a child will teach children to love and respect nature as an adult.  People would take more care of the environment, they would care more about nature, and they would be more concerned about the wilder world around them.  it would also teach responsibility, having to remember to water and weed the garden would teach life skills like remembering to do homework all the way up to doing work for a business or taking care of a child. It also might be the only chance to get dirty and do some gardening for some children who might not get a chance to do things like that due to living space or family reasons.  That also leads to my next point, living a healthy life style.
We all love our Playstations and X-Boxes, but do we love them too much?  Some children don't get the physical activity they need which could lead to eventually being overweight and other diseases throughout their lifetime.  Having a school gardens could help with some of these issues.  Student would be getting exercise and having fun the whole time.  Having to go get the tools and digging and weeding are just part of gardening, but in doing so the children are moving and getting that well needed exercise.  Plus, who here like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, or other fast food restaurants? That would be most people who also like junk food, both of which are not the best in the world for your body.  Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand are just what your body wants.  Both of which provide essential vitamins and are linked to helping prevent heart disease and maybe even cancer!  Even the students not participating in the garden could benefit, extra food could be given in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating school wide.
Finally, doing so could help children in academics. A garden could help science teachers the most.  They could show children how an ecosystem works, the parts of plants, and it would be a good place to set up weather instruments such as a wind sock, a barometer, or a thermometer.  Math teachers could have their students count flowers on a plant or measure and chart plant growth.  Also, any teacher could take a few kids, or just one student out to do work or relax in a comforting place, and who says only gardens are for students? teachers and staff could plant their own secret gardens to relax in and get away from the kids.  This time with nature and the fresh air could lift teachers' spirits and allow to better teach their lessons. Also, there could be flower gardens just to make the school look nicer and allow the students to feel comforted and relax a bit, especially when state testing comes around.
Now you might not think this is a very good idea, but it really is.  Having gardens would help everyone wither academically or emotionally and provide healthier things for students other than the food pyramid in the cafeteria.  This could provide things for a child nothing else can, and who wouldn't' want to help a child reach a height higher than they have reached before.
NHMS: Important things to prepare for the 8th grade
By: Madison Miller, Reporter
    As it is becoming the end of the year 7th graders have a lot to think about. There will be a lot of pressure on you next year. Here are three important things you will have to worry about next year leading next year, taking High School courses, and preparing to move on to High School next year.
The first thing you will mostly have to think about is being the next leaders of the student body. The 8th graders are the examples and leaders of the student body. You have to be a good and a responsible example for the grades. What ever they see you do they will think it’s ok for them to do. They will always be watching you.
  The second thing you will have to think about most is taking a High School courses. Being able to take a High School course in middle school is very important. If you take a High School Courses  now then you won’t have to take them then. You could also possibly get privileges from it. When you go on to take them just know that it will not be that easy. So make sure you work really hard.
  The last thing you will have to mostly have to think about is going to the High School. High School will be way different from middle school. You will have a lot more responsibilities. Everything you do or you say is your responsibility. There is also a lot more consequences when you do something wrong, so be careful what you do.
  There is a lot to think about as a 7th grader preparing for next school year. There will be a lot more responsibility and a lot more expectations next year. I hope you will be ready.
The Percy Jackson Series
Kinsey Mangum, Reporter
The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan are well written books that I recommend you read.
The first reason why you should read the Percy Jackson series is that it shows that no matter your flaws you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.
The second reason is because it tells real facts about ancient Greek mythology. The books are filled with interesting facts about the Greeks.
The final reason you should read them is that it shows you do not have to be big and strong to be a hero. Percy was just a middle school kid who did not have much, but he was a hero. He was brave and used his intelligence to beat his opponents.
In conclusion, I recommend this book series because it has important messages hidden in it.
Kinsey Mangum, reporter
Carowinds 2018
Davis Tucker, Reporter
If you have not been to Carowinds this year you need to start making plans.  The amusement park in both Carolinas is open and ready for 2018 with a wide variety of roller coasters and rides that will keep you busy all day.  Rides including Fury 325, Intimidator, Afterburn, Nighthawk, Carolina Cyclone and many more are what make Carowinds one of the best amusement parks in America.  Carolina Harbor, Carowinds waterpark is also open where you could spend all day riding waterslides or relaxing in a beach chair.  Water attractions available are Blackbeard's Revenge, Dorsal Fin Drop, Hurricane Falls, Surfers Swell and others.
With Carowinds, the fun doesn't end when the summer is over.  Events such as Carolina Fest, Scarowinds, and Winterfest, will keep you coming back all year.  For more entertainment, Carowinds also has a wide variety of shows that are performed throughout the day.  The park also has a select number of restaurants and stands that provide food or just a complimentary water.  If you get a craving for a snack, you are in luck.  Carowinds has a few stands and buildings in the park just for funnel cakes, ice cream, chicken, fries, and pizza.
So, if you want to feel the adrenaline rushing through your body from the thrill of roller coasters, or take it easy riding a small thrill ride, you should make plans to go to Carowinds.  I promise, you won't regret it.