Hawk Pride / Anti-Bullying Campaign

Hawk PRIDE = Proud Responsible Individual Demonstrating Excellence
Take PRIDE in Yourself
Take PRIDE in Your Family
Take PRIDE in Your School
NOTE: Due to Covid19 restrictions, we are not able to plan a school-wide group celebration, however we will announce our plans to celebrate your child's accomplishments. We appreciate your patience, as we work through these times together.
We created the Hawk PRIDE program for New Heights Middle School. We want students to take PRIDE in 3 areas of their lives: PRIDE in themselves; PRIDE in their families; PRIDE in their school.
At the end of each quarter, we will have a Hawk PRIDE celebration. To earn the right to to to this celebration, students must consistently demonstrate Hawk PRIDE. We have developed a program based in which every student earns points or loses points each semester, based on grades and behavior. If students do not demonstrate Hawk PRIDE, they can lose points. Any faculty or staff member can take points away from a student not demonstrating Hawk PRIDE. The areas that we focus on are:
  • Behavior: Students who demonstrate negative behavior which interrupts the educational environment.
  • Academic Performance: Students who consistently demonstrate excellence as a student.
  • Personal Management: Students who interrupt instructional time to leave the classroom.
Students who have lost points, have the opportunity to receive positive points from faculty/staff for good behavior, showing kindness toward others, being respectful, etc.
Behavior Point Deductions
Classroom Infraction = 1 point
Silent Lunch/Detention = 1 point
ISD (In school detention) = 1 point
ISS (In school suspension)= 2 points
OSS (Out of school suspension)  = 5 points
Bus suspension = 5 points
Performance Point System
A = +3 points
B = +2 points
C = +1 point
D = -2 points
F = -3 points
Our School Rules
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
    • We will not bully others.
    • We will try to help students who are bullied.
    • We will try to include students who are left out.
    • If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.
Signs of Bullying
Most children will not tell their parents they are being bullied; therefore, parents must keep a look out for any of the possible signs of bullying:
  • Clothes, books or other possessions are ripped, excessively dirty, damaged or missing.
  • Cannot explain cuts, bruises, scratches
  • Does not seem to have any friends or belong to any groups at school
  • A once cheerful child becomes teary, sad, moody or depressed
  • Has frequent headaches, stomach aches or other physical complaints
  • Is anxious
  • Has low self-esteem
These signs do not always mean your child is being bullied, but they are worth exploring. Let your child know that you are concerned and you want to help, but most of all, let them know it is not their fault if they are bullied. Report the situation to the administrator of the school and tell your child that they can go to the school administrators, school counselor and teachers if the bullying does not stop.
New Heights Middle School
5738 Highway 151
Jefferson, SC  29718
Phone: 843-658-6830
Fax: 833-216-1660
PBIS/OBPP Anti-Bullying Leadership Team:
Principal:  Dr. Omorro King
Assistant Principal:  Mr. Perry Miller
Guidance Counselor:  Kristy McCright, M.S.
Career Specialist:  Karen Brock, GCDF
Parent Educator:  Reginald Dye
Teacher: Bredae Baker
Teacher: Avery Miles
Teacher: Nicky Morgan
Parent: Tasha Brandon
Community Member: Keisha Magee, Mental Health Specialist - CareSouth